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Why You Should Get An Awning For Your Home

Why You Should Get An Awning For Your Home

by Altaf

If you want to easily increase the overall value of the home that you live in then having an awning installed can be a cost effective way of doing so. No matter where in the United States of America you live, an awning is a valuable addition to your home. Nowadays they come in lots of different types and styles so you should easily be able to find one that matches the property that you live in, as well as your own personal style. In addition to adding value, an awning or awnings make a massive improvement to how a house looks, thus increasing its curb appeal.

Despite all of this, many homeowners out there do not know much about the wide variety of awnings that are available nowadays. To get a better understanding of what awnings are available, head over to nj awnings for sale to view their full range of products.

Types Of Awnings

As anyone who is in the market for an awning is likely to be aware, there are many different types of awnings available to have installed on your home. Some of the most common types are listed below.

Window Awnings

A way of adding function, style, and value to your home, window awnings allow for the proper flow of air and light through the property, whilst also allowing for a certain level of privacy. So not only do they look good, but they also help to make your home more energy efficient, thus lowering your energy bills. Additionally, they also protect the property from moisture and rainwater, even during the very worst of storms. When it is extremely windy outside, window awnings also help to protect the windows from this weather, thus stopping the glass and frame from rattling around.

Metal Awnings

A highly durable type of awning, due to the material that they are made out of, metal awnings are able to withstand all weather conditions and can even hold large amounts of snow and other weight on them. In fact, some are even so durable that they are able to withstand winds that are of hurricane strength. This makes them ideal for use in those parts of the country that experience these types of weather conditions, such as Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida.

Because of their durability, metal awnings are a cost effective way of both providing shade and protection to your home. As well as providing a greater level of protection than what fabric awnings do, they are also much cooler to sit under and can last for much longer. In fact, some have a life span of as long as fifty years.

Retractable Awnings

These can fold / retract away when not in use. They typically come with a slope on them, which means that they are able to handle extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain as the water simply flows down the slope and off of the awning. This is why they are mostly made out of fabrics that are highly resistant to water and other fluids. When the weather does get particularly bad and there are high winds, then the awning can be retracted as to avoid it being damaged. As a result of this functionality, they tend to have a greater longevity than those awnings that cannot be retracted. Retractable awnings are perfect for use over outdoor spaces, such as patios and seating areas. 

Door Awnings

An awning that sits over the front of your door helps to protect the inside of your home from all of the various weather elements, such as rain and snow. It also protects yourself from these things as you are fumbling around in your pocket or in your bag looking for your house keys. Not only are they practical then, but they are also welcoming to guests coming into your home. Because of the protection that door awnings provide your property with, it means that the door it is covering and any steps that lead up to it are less likely to be weathered, thus staying in better condition for longer. 

Where there are any pieces of furniture, wall art, or soft furnishings inside of your home that are within close proximity to the door, they will be protected from sun damage thanks to door awnings, as they are able to block out UV rays. In addition to their  protective qualities, door awnings also provide a unique visual for any home that really does upgrade the exterior of the property. This is particularly true where the awning matches the architectural style of your home.

Awning Advantages

As is already pretty clear, there are many advantages to having some type of awning installed on your home. For anyone that is still unclear about why they should get an awning for their property, some of the benefits of doing so are listed below.

  • Cost Effective – blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sun, awnings that are put in the right spots on your property can help to keep what is inside of it protected from sun damage. This means that the upfront cost of having an awning installed is soon covered by the fact that the contents of your home do not have to be replaced as a result of sun damage. Equally, they save you money by not having to use the AC as much.
  • Protective – for anyone that cares about their home and is really house proud, then awnings can provide the protection that they so desire. This is especially true where a property is located in a part of the country that is often exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as window, snow, and hail etc.
  • Environmentally friendly – because they provide shade, they help to keep your home cool and so reduces the need for you to turn on the air conditioning unit. Not only is this good for the planet, but it is also good for your bank balance as it means that you use less energy, thus bringing the cost of your energy bills down. 

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