Why You Should Directly Connect to Your Clouds

By Albert Howard

The cloud has been a game-changing technology for businesses of all sizes and industries. It’s also changed the way companies interact with their cloud providers. Instead of managing third-party services, businesses connect directly to the clouds that power their applications and services. 

This new type of connection is called direct connect or private connectivity. It offers many benefits, including faster performance, more control over services and data, and more seamless integration with other systems. Let’s explore why you should directly connect to your clouds.

Control, Visibility, and Performance

Direct cloud connectivity has become an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to improve their cloud control, visibility, and performance. By directly connecting to their cloud service providers, businesses can avoid the potential bottlenecks and latency issues that can come with going through an intermediary.

 In addition, direct connectivity can give businesses more visibility into their cloud usage and performance and greater control over how their data is routed and stored. As the demand for cloud services grows, direct connectivity will likely become even more critical for businesses looking to get the most out of their cloud investments.

A Better User Experience

Another reason to go direct is for a better user experience. For example, if a third party experiences an outage or has trouble with capacity, it could affect your business’s applications and services. 

A direct connection can help minimize the potential impact of these issues. Depending on the provider you go with, you can choose a connection with built-in redundancies and other features to reduce the risk of downtime.

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More Efficient Infrastructure Utilization

PaaS and IaaS providers typically offer various computing resources, including memory, CPU, storage, and bandwidth. You can purchase whichever ones you need, but you likely won’t use all of them every month. 

When you go directly, you can choose a plan that gives you the exact resources you need for your applications. This allows you to more efficiently use your cloud resources over time. In addition, directly connecting to the clouds means you can more easily run applications in the appropriate regions. For example, selecting an area that supports them can be challenging if you need to comply with specific regulations. You can host those applications in the appropriate place with a direct connection.

Security Benefits

Many companies that offer direct connections also provide security features that you might otherwise need to purchase as a separate service. Some providers even offer managed services that you can use to protect your applications, including security analytics, intrusion detection, and web application firewalls. 

These features can help you reduce the chance of a breach and ease the load on your security teams.

Maintain Flexibility with Fast Provisioning

Another significant advantage of direct cloud connectivity is the ability to quickly provision new services. If you use a third-party service, you must go through a procurement process. A procurement process can take time — especially if the third party is backlogged on orders. 

Directly connecting to the clouds gives you the ability to provision new resources in minutes. Provisioning resources faster can help you scale up quickly when necessary and avoid going through procurement. 

You can also use this direct connection to promptly shut down or change the type of resources being used by your applications. This level of flexibility is fundamental when you’re trying to handle high demand while remaining compliant with regulations.


As you can see, there are many benefits of direct cloud connectivity. You can increase control, improve performance, and reduce costs. You can also reduce risks, protect your security, and improve your IT team’s ability to scale resources quickly. 

If you’re currently using a third-party service, it’s worth considering directly connecting to the cloud. And, if you’re building a new application, connecting directly to the cloud from the start will help you get off to a great start.

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