Why should you get a POS system for your retail clothing store?

By Albert Howard

Point of sale systems are the need of the hour for retail businesses, and the apparel industry is no different. If you’re not using a POS system yet, reading this article might change your mind. There are so many helpful features that a POS system offers for your business. Keep reading to know more.

What is a POS system?

A POS or point of sale system is a software that helps in streamlining all day-to-day activities of an apparel/ clothing store. However, unlike a simple cash register, its job doesn’t end here. Rather, the best POS system records and protects all your transactional data, manages inventory, keeps track of orders, performs employee management, offers data analytics solutions for better business strategies, etc. Hana POS is one such point of sale software for you that performs all these tasks and a lot more.

Why do you need a POS system for your clothing store?

A POS system literally transforms your business to an unbelievably efficient and profitable one. It streamlines the whole process of managing your store, and does it in a fast and error-free way. Here’s a list of the most important functions that the best POS systems for small businesses should be able to perform for you:

  • Managing daily activities

It manages all daily sales activities and maintains records of them for future referrals.

  • Inventory Management

It keeps track of your inventory stock and alerts you when things are running out. It also lets you know about the products that are high in demand vs. products that hardly sell so that you can take better purchase decisions.

  • Accounts Management

It also keeps track of all financial transactions, be it customer purchases or payments made to suppliers or employees.

  • Generating reports

A pos system also generates analytical reports about sales, marketing, and other business strategies and helps you make better decisions.

  • Employee Management

Employee management is also performed by pos systems by keeping track of employee activities.

A step by step guide on how to use a POS system for the daily operations in your clothing store:

If you’re looking for an apparel POS system to manage the daily activities of your retail clothing store, then here is a rundown of how to use it.

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  • Scan the items

You’ll need a barcode or QR code scanner for this. As soon as you scan the product that a customer is purchasing, it gets recorded in the clothing store POS system. You can then retrieve the information later on when required. The transaction history is also recorded into the accounts and it becomes easier to maintain sales records.

  • Enter the customer details

You need to enter the customer details into the POS system next. If it is a new customer, you can store their information instantly. If it’s a returning customer, then you don’t even need to ask for full information. Generally, the name or contact no. is enough to retrieve their details and record the recent purchase under their names. If the customer wants, you can also send them an invoice copy on their email address.

  • Check available offers, coupons, or loyalty points

Another reason why you should be able to record or retrieve customer information is so that you can offer them customized coupons and discounts, or apply loyalty points. A POS clothing system makes it very easy to apply such discounts or storing and retrieving information about loyalty points, so that you can make your customers happy and satisfied.

  • Calculate the final cost

Once all discounts and coupons are applied, you can calculate the final cost, and record it in the system.

  • Accept payments

The next step will be to accept payment. A POS system allows you to offer multiple payment options to your customers as it is compatible with various online payment modes. You can attach a credit card reader and accept payments through it. Netbanking or PayPal payments are also allowed. And of course, you can also have a cash register for customers who’re paying by cash.

  • Handle returns and exchanges (if any)

Handling exchanges and returns are also extremely easy, thanks to the POS system. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the product or enter the customer information, and all details will be retrieved. You can then easily offer a solution suitable for your customers.

Get Hana Retail POS made for apparel stores today and leverage all these benefits!

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