Why Outsourcing PPC Is A Good Option (5 Reasons)

By Berry Mathew

Marketing and advertising are useful tools in making a website successful. Unfortunately, these are special skills that not everyone has.

PPC agencies specialize in creating and placing targeted ads that guarantee click-through to your website. However, is it really worth it to hire such an agency?

Let’s look at five reasons why outsourcing pay-per-click or PPC is beneficial for your website.

1. Get the Most Out Of A Limited Budget

Allocation is a major concern when it comes to proper budgeting. Whether it’s finances or manpower, inefficient use of limited resources can bring down a project.

Consider the following scenarios:

A: You assign PPC marketing tasks to your current workforce on top of their existing workload.

  1. You hire several new employees for a PPC marketing team.

In both cases, the company misuses its resources. In scenario A, the employees end up overworked, balancing two roles and increasing workloads. Meanwhile, in scenario B, the company is right to hire a PPC team, but this increases its spending in the long term.

In either case, the delays in executing PPC can cost the company additional financial losses. Heavy workloads can slow down workers, and talent acquisition is time-consuming.

PPC agencies remedy this by providing cost-efficient services. According to Digitalauthority.me, there are six pricing models commonly used by PPC agencies:

  1. Hourly rate
  2. Percentage of ad spend
  3. Management fee + percentage of ad spend
  4. Fixed-rate
  5. Performance-based pricing
  6. Milestone-based pricing

All six pricing models are fairly straightforward, though the finer details will vary. Regardless, you can always negotiate with the agency on a plan that fits your needs and budget.

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2. Let PPC Agencies Do All the Hard Work

Outsourcing is a common business practice for a reason: it makes the job easier and cheaper. There are many factors to consider when outsourcing any type of work. For example, it may reduce business expenses, but will it also lower product or service quality?

Outsourcing companies give you access to a wider pool of expertise and skills. Access to this can greatly benefit your business. However, can the outsourcing company communicate with you promptly with so many moving parts?

You can minimize negative effects and maximize benefits by negotiating the terms of your contract. Answer the questions below:

    • How much control do I want over the project? Determine how involved you want to be in the planning and execution of the PPC strategy. 
  • Which aspects would I prefer to assign to my company? Consider which parts of PPC marketing you want to execute internally. For example, pitching scripts, slogans, and concepts for the agency to produce later.
  • What areas are better left to a PPC agency? You’re hiring a PPC agency because you can’t do it all, but which tasks are critical to be handed to the agency?

Hiring a PPC agency is all about flexibility and delivering your needed services. Make sure to discuss your terms and conditions down to the last bullet point. This will help you avoid surprises when the bill finally arrives.

3. PPC Agencies Provide SEO Support

As mentioned, a PPC agency’s team is full of experts and skilled individuals. Among their greatest assets is their mastery of the best SEO practices.

Although they are separate concepts, SEO and PPC go hand-in-hand. After all, PPC needs to maximize targeted traffic back to your business. In addition, aspects of good SEO, such as keywords, visibility, and lead generation, are also vital to PPC.

While agencies incorporate SEO practices into their services, they don’t necessarily offer them as a service to clients. Consider this potential benefit when hiring a PPC agency. Consult whether they can offer SEO support to your business outside of ad marketing.

Depending on the nature of your business and the industry you work in, one may be preferable over the other. For example, a small brick-and-mortar business will benefit less from SEO than an accounting firm advertising its services.

Simply put, SEO is an effective long-term strategy, while PPC is an effective short-term strategy.

4. Use Your Time On What Matters Most

Running a marketing campaign is a time-consuming and lengthy process, even with experts on your team. You free up your workforce by outsourcing your ads and marketing to professionals. Use this opportunity to develop other key areas of your business.

For example:

  • Improve your products and services. PPC directs potential customers to your business through targeted ads. Follow through on your ad’s promise. Prove that your products and services meet their personal needs.
  • Focus on strengthening customer service. PPC Conversions get first-time customers, but good customer service makes them lifelong customers. Leverage recommendations from converted customers to increase your ad’s effectiveness.
  • Build your brand and corporate identity. Create memorable branding for your business. A recognizable brand remains in the public consciousness. Aim to be one. When customers visit you, what impression do you want to leave them?

5. Work with Digital Marketing Experts

PPC agencies know the best ways to do digital marketing. A good agency knows how to leverage different strategies to maximize PPC. Working with an agency opens your business to various marketing opportunities.

Here Are A Few Examples:

  • Search: Being experts in online advertising, PPC agencies are up-to-date on developments in search behavior and search engine protocols. SEO and search ads are two complementary methods that can generate massive leads for your website.
  • Social media: Social media works well for ad marketing and content marketing. There are many platforms to choose from, each with its own audience and preferred content. PPC agencies can help you boost your online presence for the best ROIs.
  • Email: Your company’s email sign-ups are an excellent avenue for PPC. You see this in practice with discount or sale offers sent through email. Don’t let your mailing list remain underutilized. Make it work for you.

Summing Up

Outsourcing is a major financial and administrative decision. Therefore, carefully evaluate all factors beforehand. What you read here are only some of the benefits of hiring a PPC agency.

If you’re still unsure, schedule an appointment with an agency to see if their services fit your business needs.

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