Why choose React for building a mobile app

By Juliet D'cruz

React JS is a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces with lots of interactive elements. Component codes are in the public domain, updated daily and can be used by developers to implement projects of any kind. It is an efficient, flexible and versatile tool that allows you to create dynamic interfaces. With it, you can develop single-page and mobile applications.

What is ReactJS

The principle of introducing reactjs components was invented by Facebook developers. In 2011, the technology was used to launch a chat that worked on all pages and did not interact with other interface elements. The React JS library was released to the public in 2013. In connection with the increase in the share of mobile users in 2015, the React Native framework was created, on which the architecture of cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS is built.

Today, React is the most used JavaScript library in the world, and the popularity of the tool is steadily growing.

How it works?

Every web page is a “tree” branched off of HTML and CSS objects – it’s called the Document Object Model (DOM). The technology allows you to impose on the Document Object Model only individual components that the user works with, and leave the rest of the elements unchanged. Without refreshing the whole page, any of these components may be modified.

One of the ways to use reactjs is single-page applications created on the basis of SPA (Single Page Application) technology. Identical items stay in place, and only individual React JS components are shown when executing custom actions. For example, if each page has the same header, there is no need to spend resources on rendering it. This dramatically increases the application’s speed and makes the user interface more responsive.

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What applications use React Native

The React Native library is universal, tools can be used in various projects:

  1. Social networks. The experience of large social networks demonstrates the benefits of using React Native to develop many elements – commenting functionality, generating news feeds, launching video broadcasts, publishing text materials, user authentication, etc.
  2. Entertainment services. React Native has been successfully used to embed social media elements in mobile applications – comments, subscriptions, ratings, likes, etc.
  3. Messengers. Using the React Native library, messenger interfaces are created and additional functionality is implemented that is typical for these types of applications.
  4. Dashboards. React Native is used in the development of applications for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data in real time.
  5. Systems of electronic commerce. Based on React Native, an extended functionality of online stores, marketplaces and other commercial applications with an online purchase option is being created.
  6. Task schedulers. Library components are used to build apps that manage tasks, projects, time, and collaboration.
  7. CRM systems. Complex CRM systems – application software adapted to the requirements of a certain firm to automate business activities – may be created using React Native.

Benefits of using React Native for the customer

Saving. Using React Native components simplifies the process and reduces design time, which reduces development costs. For the customer, this is an opportunity to get a reliable and productive application and at the same time save money. This is exactly the case when a decrease in the price of a mobile application in no way affects the quality of the product.

Available support. React Native is a forward-thinking approach that will continue to evolve. The customer will not have problems with support, any improvements and improvements will be implemented as quickly and without difficulty as possible.

Convenience for users. Instant response to user actions, pleasant management of options, good interface dynamics – all these advantages are highly appreciated by the target audience, which has a positive effect on conversion rates.

Faster time to market. Fast and relatively inexpensive development will allow you to launch the project in the shortest possible time, overtaking competitors.

Minimal risks. React Native is beneficial for customers who are just testing the waters and do not thoroughly know the needs of the target audience. The tool allows you to launch in the shortest possible time, and after launch, you can make changes to the project at any stage, adjust the interface depending on real behavioral factors, thereby reducing possible risks for the business.

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