Who Needs Clips When You Have Alternative Techniques in Securing a Hair Topper

By Charlotte Miller

For those of us who are experiencing hair thinning or loss, hair toppers or pieces are like magical wigs. Although they give us the coverage and loudness we need, dealing with those annoying clips may be a real pain. They constantly plan their escape and seem to have a consciousness of their own! But do not worry, my follicle-impaired pals! Without the need for those sneaky clips, we have several other options for holding your hair topper in place. And we swear to keep it funny all the way through!

Embrace the Clip-less and Carefree No Attachment Topper

The time when clips were the sole way to secure your topper is long gone. The wonders of no attachment toppers are now available to us! With the anti-slip band placement on these babies, you’ll feel as though your hairpiece is giving you a cozy hug. Your nightmares about clips will vanish faster than a hair clip in a hurricane thanks to UniWigs’ amazing selection of hair replacement options!

With the Jayla Skin Base hair topper, you may have complete coverage without the inconvenience of clips. This topper has luscious locks in addition to an anti-slip band that can ease your concerns. Hair that stays in place is here to replace detachment.

Try Hair Toppers with Halo-wire

You currently own a hair accessory with clips, but you want to replace them with something more daring. Even James Bond would be envious of the answer we have. Imagine your hairpiece being held in place by a covert cable, similar to a secret agent’s gadget. Release your inner snoop now!

Start by carefully removing those clips from your topper. Along the way, we wouldn’t want any clips to be lost. After the clips are no longer necessary, secure your hair at the front of your head with a piece of clear wire. Make sure the wire is as covert as your true identity as a spy. This technique is fantastic for hiding any exposed parts on the top of your head, but unless you’re looking for the Medusa look, it’s not advised for securing lengthy strands!

However, there’s still more! The “Upgrade Claire Plus” from UniWigs has an adjustable and secure halo wire. When used with clips, it acts as your very own personal secret agent assistant and adds an added layer of security. Additionally, it releases tension in your scalp and lessens the strain on your hair. Even by itself, it allows for a carefree and comfortable day. Step aside, 007!

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Use Adhesive Strips or Glue for Hair Topper

Glue and adhesive strips may sound a little messy, but we promise they will stick to those clip-related issues in style. These items give off a solid and dependable hold, assuring that your topper will remain there like a champ. Stop ejecting at the first whiff of breeze!

Choose adhesive strips made specifically for hair systems when utilizing them. Do we really want any unintentional toupee tape mishaps? Cut the adhesive strips into smaller pieces to suit the perimeter of your topper and clean and dry the region on your head where the topper will be placed. With the assurance of a superhero attaching to walls, remove the backing from the adhesive strips and push them firmly against the base of the topper.

If you prefer the traditional method, get a premium adhesive designed specifically for attaching hair systems. Make sure to uniformly spread a thin amount of glue onto the base of the topper like a professional hairstylist would. Before placing the topper on your head, allow the adhesive to become tacky, much like a fly caught in a spider’s web. And there you have it! You’re prepared to wear a headpiece that won’t move, not even during an intense dance-off.

In order to provide a seamless and safe deployment, UniWigs even offers specifically created tape-in extensions that are compatible with their toppers. These adhesives are designed to endure commonplace activities like impromptu dance fights and acrobatic hair flips. That has some real sticking power!

Discover the Magic of Magnetism: Magnetic Attachments

Magnetic attachments are here to astound you if you’re prepared to enter the world of magic. Instead of using clips or adhesive, they hold your topping in place by producing a magnetic field with their tiny magnets. It works like magic on your hair!

Attach tiny magnetic strips to your natural hair to experience this magnetic sorcery. Place them carefully so that they line up with the appropriate magnets on the base of the topper. It’s like using magnets to play Connect the Dots! No matter how much you shake your gorgeous hair, these magnets establish a solid connection to ensure that your topper stays in place.

In conclusion, there are many more options for securing your hair topper besides using those annoying clips. No matter whatever method you select—a no-attachment topper, wire, adhesive strips, glue, or magnetic attachments—each one has special advantages of its own and ensures a snug fit that will make you feel like the star of a comedy show about hair. You may find the ideal approach to meet your demands and let your inner comedian loose thanks to UniWigs’ extensive selection of creative solutions. With these various methods for securing your hair topper, you can thus wave goodbye to clip-related worries and hello to a fun and hassle-free experience. Keep in mind that the best hair accessory is laughing!