Who Can Teach With Online Courses?

By Albert Howard

The online education system has been in effect for the last two years to manage almost all activities related to the education system. When we mention education, we are not only talking about reading and writing but all other activities that ensure the holistic growth and development of the students. Education is supposed to make the child who enters a school a better human being as he or she leaves the school as a grown up. The Indian education is considered as one of the best education systems in the world because other than focussing on the overall growth and development of the students, this education system also instils good values and virtues in the students and makes them more humble and more kind as humans. Even in the online mode, the Indian education system has proven to be one of the best systems across the globe and ensured that no student has been left behind during this period and no student misses out on his or her opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been possible due to various reasons the accessibility of the internet across the country, even in the rural and remote areas, is one of them. Other reasons why the online system of education was successful are the modes, methods and platforms that were offered for teaching and learning during this period. The variety and the options that everyone could choose from and the flexibility offered also made the online system of education preferred by most users. The online system of education always made sure to include the elements of offline education or made each element similar which increased the familiarity of this system of education for the teachers and the students. The online system of education was more flexible and inclusive. It opened the doors to the entire world for the students and the teachers and offered new opportunities of exploring beyond the scope of the four walls of a classroom and the textbooks. 

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When we talk about more options of exploring and learning what the students had more interest in or the topics that the teachers were experts in, we talk about the various different methods of teaching and learning that were used in the online mode. One of the methods that became immensely popular for not only being flexible for all but also for offering classes of almost every subject and topic from almost every field was an online course. Online courses were a way of conducting classes, delivering lectures, teaching and learning that were appreciated the most by the students and the teachers. This method offered by the online system of education made teaching and learning much more convenient during the pandemic as it made the system highly flexible and removed all sorts of limitations and boundaries in the field of education. In this article, we will discuss online courses and who can create and sell online courses. We will also talk about how these courses offer more learning opportunities for all and why these systems are said to be the most flexible for online education.

 Online courses are normally not used for regular classes that are conducted by school or college. These courses are mostly used by students for self-studies or for additional help on the topics that they study in school or college or to get additional information about the topics that they are interested in or to learn subjects that are not a part of their syllabus but will be useful for them in the future. These courses are created not only by teachers but by anyone who wishes to share their knowledge, skills and experience with the young minds who are willing to learn and grow. An online course can be created by a professional from any field, a sportsperson, a homemaker, an artist or even a student who is in university and has some knowledge to share with their juniors. Since these courses are created by almost everyone, the students can find online courses based on a very large number of topics and subjects which ensures that you can find at least one course based on every topic and subject. If you are thinking about online course builder, then you can easily find a large number of online platforms offering the features for the same. 

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