Where To Go If You Need To Escape The Cold

By Berry Mathew

Enduring the cold can be almost unbearable, even if you are used to living in a cooler climate. As winter rolls around again, you might want to take a break from the chill and look for somewhere warm and inviting. If you need some time to recharge in the sunshine, here are some of the best places to do so.


This American state is the hottest of them all, with a dry and searing climate that will definitely melt the chill from your bones. Since the residents of this part of the world have to bear the intense heat daily, you can be sure that every establishment you engage with will have ample air conditioning. You can find many things to do in Phoenix, the state capital, as well as take a trip into the desert to experience the natural beauty of the landscape.


The south of France is well known for its easy-going atmosphere and pleasing temperatures. Apart from the picturesque beaches, the south of France also boasts its fair share of idyllic towns to stop at for a chance to freshen up. Wine lovers are especially encouraged to visit the vineyards.


Spain is known for its appealing weather and relaxing atmosphere. If you have been struggling to keep yourself warm, head to the Mediterranean side of the country, where the sea is as inviting as a bath. Enjoy soaking up the sun in peace as you lounge on a sandy beach that stretches for miles. After all, there are plenty to choose from.


If you don’t think that Spain will be warm enough for you, you could always cross the sea to Morocco, where temperatures soar. Visit beautiful ancient cities and let the culture captivate you. Take a look around the outdoor markets and enjoy the shade of the winding streets. You may soon start to miss the winter chill of your hometown.


Thailand’s tropical climate and fascinating ancient ruins are just two of the main reasons that people flock to the country on a regular basis. If you enjoy exploring unique natural phenomena such as perfect blue waters and lush green trees, then you will love this destination. Sacred temples and bustling cities are also worth making a trip to see.


Since Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere, it has its summer and, therefore, its warmest months during the winter of the northern hemisphere. You will easily find amazing beach spots to sunbathe or surf in this charismatic part of the world, but if you want intense heat, then take a tour of the outback. Stop off at Alice Springs and find your way to Uluru.

If you are unhappy about living in a cold part of the world or that winter has come too soon, you can arrange a getaway to somewhere warm. Take in the heat and the local culture so that you can return home appreciative of what you have.