What Skills You Will Learn From Masters in UI UX Design?

By Juliet D'cruz

The acronym UX means User experience. It is concerned with ensuring a wholesome as well as an efficient user experience to the user while he interacts with products or websites or applications or services etc. In order to design a positive user experience, you not only need to understand the user, his needs, his desires, goals as well as struggles but also need to find solutions to constantly improve the interface.  This makes sure a better customer experience.   

The User Interface (UI) Design:

The acronym UI means “User Interface”. User Interface Design by an Atlanta web design company involves the development of Graphical User Interface or Gesture-Based Interface or Voice-Controlled Interface. For website, app, or video games, UI Designer is concerned with designing visually stimulating aesthetics using Icons, buttons, layouts, interface animations, transitions, images, typography, colour schemes, etc. 

While UX usually deals with user’s overall experience with a brand, product, or service, UI ideally deals in the interaction between computer systems, software and applications, and users,   

Skills you acquire on completion of masters in UI/UX design:

Research & Analytical skills: UX/UI Designers have to ensure a positive customer experience, hence must have the capability to research and analyze qualitative as well as quantitative data. They must know how to select the ideal candidates, do focused groups, unstructured discussions, open-ended surveys, and observe users in their natural environment or under test conditions.

Wireframing and prototyping skills: UI/UX designers must be efficient in creating wireframes and prototypes. A wireframe is a design of the webpage. UI/UX designers identify the features to be displayed, their position, their visual representation, menus, buttons, etc. basis of the consumer research as well as the client’s requirements. Post the approval of the wireframe, mockups (prototypes) are created to test the concepts using prototyping tools-Invasion or Marvel, etc. Finally, a high-fidelity design, a final mockup of the product, is created that resembles the final coded product. 

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Coding Skills: UI/UX designers must have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS so as to be able to carry out minor changes on the website without the developer’s help. With knowledge of coding, you will be able to understand software architectural constraints and can efficiently collaborate with software engineers to create more realistic designs. 

Information architecture skills: Information Architecture includes everything from conversation pathways to how your web pages are organized. Content must be efficiently structured, labeled, and organized so that users can find it efficiently and intuitively. UI/UX designers must ensure proper placement of information such that the user experience is un-hassled and delightful. 

Visual communication skills: An effective visual communication uses visual cues to guide the user to the next steps or to find the information they are looking for or on varied actions, they need to take. UX/UI designers ensure that visual communication is efficient such that it requires minimal written instructions, and the users get an intuitive experience. 

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