What Is TPIN In PNB?

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In the digital era, banking institutions have implemented various measures to enhance security and protect customer information during online transactions. Punjab National Bank (PNB), one of India’s leading public sector banks, has introduced a unique security feature called TPIN (Telephonic Personal Identification Number). In this blog post, we will explore what TPIN is, its purpose, and how it enhances the security of digital banking transactions for PNB customers.

What Is TPIN In PNB?

TPIN, or Telephonic Personal Identification Number, is a confidential numeric password provided by PNB to its customers. It serves as an additional layer of authentication for certain digital banking transactions, particularly over the phone. TPIN is specific to each customer and ensures that only authorized individuals can access and perform certain banking activities through telephonic channels.

Purpose Of TPIN

The primary purpose of TPIN is to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access to PNB accounts during telephonic banking transactions. By requiring customers to provide their TPIN, PNB ensures that only individuals with knowledge of the TPIN can initiate specific banking activities, such as fund transfers or account-related inquiries, over the phone. TPIN acts as a secure access key, protecting customers’ sensitive financial information and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Obtaining And Using TPIN

  1. TPIN Generation: PNB customers can obtain their TPIN by visiting their respective bank branches. Upon verification of their identity, the bank provides them with a unique TPIN. It is crucial to keep the TPIN confidential and not share it with anyone.
  2. Telephonic Transactions: When customers engage in telephonic banking transactions, such as balance inquiries or fund transfers, they are prompted to provide their TPIN for authentication. The customer service representative or automated system verifies the TPIN before proceeding with the requested transaction.

Benefits Of TPIN

  1. Enhanced Security: TPIN adds an extra layer of security to digital banking transactions, especially over the phone. It ensures that only authorized individuals who possess the TPIN can access and perform certain banking activities, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions.
  2. Protection Against Identity Theft: TPIN serves as a safeguard against identity theft and unauthorized account access. Even if a fraudulent individual obtains the customer’s personal information, they would still need to provide the TPIN to perform telephonic transactions, making it significantly more challenging to impersonate the account holder.
  3. Convenience and Accessibility: TPIN provides PNB customers with a secure and convenient way to perform banking transactions over the phone. They can confidently engage in various activities, such as balance inquiries or transfers, without compromising their account security.
  4. Fraud Prevention: By implementing TPIN, PNB takes proactive measures to prevent fraudulent activities. The authentication process adds an extra level of scrutiny to telephonic transactions, reducing the risk of unauthorized transfers or inquiries.


In the era of digital banking, security is of utmost importance. TPIN, or Telephonic Personal Identification Number, is PNB’s solution to enhance security during telephonic banking transactions. It provides customers with a secure access key that adds an additional layer of authentication and protects against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. By obtaining and utilizing TPIN, PNB customers can confidently engage in telephonic banking, knowing that their accounts and sensitive information are secure. The implementation of TPIN demonstrates PNB’s commitment to customer safety and its dedication to providing a secure digital banking experience.

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How Can I Get My PNB T Pin?

Please swipe your debit card at any PNB ATM machine. Under Banking on language selection screen, GREEN PIN option has been provided for setting the debit card PIN using OTP. Select GREEN PIN option, ATM screen will prompt to enter 6 digits OTP delivered on registered mobile number. Enter 6 digit OTP and press OK.

What Is The Full Form Of TPIN In PNB Bank?

TPIN means Telephone Identification Number chosen by the Customer to access the Telephone Banking Service. TPIN means Telephonic Personal Identification Number.

What Is 4 Digit T Pin?

What is TPIN? TPIN is a pin code designated specifically for phone banking services. TPIN is different from your ATM PIN. You can enjoy all the services available on IVR such as transaction details and history.

Is TPIN And Pin The Same?

TPIN stands for TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number) which is secret PIN generated for every Beneficial Owner by the depository.

How Can I Activate My PIN In PNB App?

  1. From the app dashboard, tap Banking Services and select View UITF.
  2. Tap Add COP and enter your COP Number currently enrolled in PNB Account Access Portal.
  3. Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number to complete activation process.

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