What is Test Automation? Does test automation work in agile environments?

By Juliet D'cruz

What is Test Automation?

Test automation is a set of tools and techniques that are used to automate the process of testing.

Let’s find out What is Test Automation? Test automation is an important part of software development. It helps in reducing the time taken to test the software by executing tests repeatedly. It also helps in detecting bugs early on in the development cycle, which saves time and money for the developer.

How does Automation Testing Fit into Agile?

Rapid product release necessitates rapid coding, which necessitates rapid testing. When a new programme or an update to an existing application is released, it must be fully functioning for each user. Otherwise, consumers will just switch to a competitor and leave a slew of nasty evaluations, causing the programme to lose credibility.

The only way to ensure flawless operation is to test each feature and upgrade it thoroughly. It’s impossible to do it manually under tight timescales for complex, feature-rich software. The only option is to automate.

Test Automation is also known as QA Testing performed using QA Tools. And agile makes it more flexible to carry out test automation. Let’s find out how?

In Agile testing, QAs can design test cases that will run automatically whenever new code is posted to the code repository for a given application. Continuous testing is a DevOps approach that ensures new code is bug-free before it reaches the production environment.

Continuous Testing, also known as Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment in Agile, is a stage in a development system called CI/CD, or Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. The code going through the steps of Development followed by Testing and Deployment is automated with CI/CD.

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Several tools and frameworks are used to automate testing in Agile. 

QAs can use these to create test cases tailored to the nature and requirements of the application in question. These test cases are designed and performed automatically on any new code piece added to the existing application. The tests ensure that each line of code is free of bugs and that freshly written code does not harm or interfere with existing functionalities (via regression testing).

To execute their tests, QAs also need access to a variety of genuine devices, browsers, and operating systems. Users will access any programme through a wide range of device-browser-OS combinations. To have a chance of succeeding, the programme must work flawlessly in all of these scenarios.

Manually doing cross-browser tests on such a large number of devices is, once again, impossible. Automating the process is the only way to ensure cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Real devices are essential because emulators or simulators cannot provide the real-world conditions needed to verify software functionality with 100% correctness.

Effective Agile development relies heavily on automation. The pace required to make development “agile” truly cannot be brought into the picture without automation testing. Automation makes devs and testers’ lives easier, results in better technology, and keeps customer satisfaction high.

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