What Is Stamp Size Photo?

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In the realm of photography and official documentation, the term “stamp size photo” evokes the image of a small, standardized photograph, often required for various identification purposes. These compact images, typically sized to fit within specified dimensions, hold significant practical value in a variety of applications, from official documents to personal identification. Let’s explore the essence, significance, and ubiquitous nature of stamp size photos in our everyday lives.

What Is Stamp Size Photo?

Stamp size photos, as the name suggests, refer to small-sized photographs that adhere to standardized dimensions, usually resembling the size of a postage stamp. These photos are typically rectangular or square-shaped and are commonly utilized for various identification and documentation purposes.

Key Characteristics And Uses:

Stamp size photos possess distinctive features and serve multiple practical purposes:

  • Standardized Dimensions: These photos adhere to specific size requirements, often ranging from 2 x 2 centimeters to 3.5 x 4.5 centimeters, varying based on regional or document-specific guidelines.
  • Identification Documentation: Stamp size photos find extensive use in official documents such as passports, visas, identity cards, driver’s licenses, student IDs, and employment cards, serving as visual representations of individuals for identification purposes.
  • Application Requirements: Many official applications, whether for government-issued documents or institutional memberships, require applicants to submit stamp size photos that meet prescribed size and quality standards.
  • Practicality and Portability: Their small size makes stamp size photos easily portable and convenient for inclusion in various documents without occupying significant space or detracting from the document’s overall layout.

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Photography And Specifications:

Capturing a suitable stamp size photo involves adherence to specific specifications:

  • Background and Composition: Photos typically require a plain, neutral-colored background, and the subject (individual) is generally depicted facing the camera directly with a neutral facial expression.
  • Size and Quality: Adherence to precise size dimensions and image quality, including proper lighting, focus, and resolution, is crucial for acceptance in official documents.
  • Consistency and Uniformity: Maintaining consistency in size, composition, and quality across multiple photos ensures conformity to requirements for different documents or applications.


Stamp size photos, despite their diminutive size, hold significant practical value in various official and identification-related contexts. These compact images serve as visual representations of individuals, facilitating identification processes for documents and memberships worldwide.


What Size Is A Stamp Size Photo?

Centimetres: 2×2. 5. Inches: 0.79×0. 98.

How Do I Make A Picture A Stamp Size?

India Stamp Size Photo Photo – Biometric Requirements

  • Size. Width: 20 mm. Height: 25 mm.
  • Background Color. White.
  • Head Height Minimum. 32.8 mm.
  • Minimum Resolution. 1.5 mm.
  • Head Height Maximum. null.
  • Maximum Resolution. 600 dpi.

What Is The Size Of A Ticket Size Photo?

The typical ticket size is 5.63” × 1.97” or 14.3 cm × 5 cm with stubs.

What Does Stamp Mean In Photography?

A stamped photo affords universal and cross-platform viewing of the photo’s location, and offers the security of retaining that location information in the event of metadata corruption, or if file metadata is stripped from a photo, e.g. when uploading to various online photo sharing communities.

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