What Is Industrial Sickness?

By Juliet D'cruz

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In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business, enterprises face various challenges and uncertainties that can impact their stability and growth. One such challenge is “industrial sickness,” a term used to describe the deteriorating financial health and operational inefficiencies of a company. Industrial sickness is a critical issue that affects not only the concerned enterprise but also its employees, stakeholders, and the economy as a whole. In this blog, we will explore the concept of industrial sickness, its causes, implications, and the measures taken to diagnose and cure this ailment to revive ailing businesses.

What Is Industrial Sickness?

Industrial sickness refers to a condition in which a company or an enterprise faces severe financial distress and operational problems that hinder its ability to function effectively and sustainably. The term is commonly used in the context of the manufacturing and industrial sectors, but it can apply to any business facing significant financial challenges.

Causes Of Industrial Sickness:

  1. Poor Management: Inadequate or inefficient management is one of the primary causes of industrial sickness. Mismanagement, lack of strategic vision, and poor decision-making can lead to financial missteps and operational failures.
  2. Market Changes: Rapid changes in market dynamics, such as shifts in consumer preferences, technological advancements, or economic fluctuations, can adversely affect a company’s performance.
  3. Overleveraging: Excessive borrowing or reliance on debt can lead to financial burdens, making it difficult for the company to meet its debt obligations.
  4. Obsolete Technology: Failure to adapt to modern technology and production methods can result in decreased efficiency and competitiveness.
  5. Lack of Innovation: Companies that fail to innovate and evolve with changing times may find themselves losing relevance and market share.

Implications Of Industrial Sickness:

  1. Job Losses: Industrial sickness often leads to downsizing, layoffs, or even closure of the business, resulting in significant job losses for employees.
  2. Economic Impact: Ailing enterprises can have a cascading effect on the broader economy, affecting suppliers, creditors, and other related industries.
  3. Loss of Investment: Investors and stakeholders bear the brunt of industrial sickness, as the value of their investments may decline or become worthless.
  4. Strain on Financial Institutions: Financial institutions that have extended credit to ailing enterprises may face challenges in recovering their loans, impacting their own financial health.

Diagnosis And Revival Measures:

  1. Financial Audit: Conducting a thorough financial audit can help identify the root causes of the company’s financial distress and inefficiencies.
  2. Restructuring: Implementing a well-planned restructuring plan that addresses the company’s financial liabilities and operational inefficiencies is vital for revival.
  3. Infusion of Capital: Infusing fresh capital through equity infusion or debt restructuring can provide a lifeline to the company.
  4. Technological Upgradation: Embracing modern technology and innovation can enhance the company’s efficiency and competitiveness.
  5. Professional Management: Appointing competent and experienced professionals to manage the company can bring fresh perspectives and effective decision-making.


Industrial sickness is a serious ailment that afflicts enterprises, posing challenges to their survival and affecting various stakeholders. Timely diagnosis and implementation of appropriate revival measures are essential to prevent the deterioration of ailing businesses. In a dynamic business landscape, adaptability, innovation, and sound management practices are the keys to ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of enterprises. By addressing the root causes of industrial sickness and fostering a conducive business environment, we can pave the way for the revival and growth of ailing businesses, contributing to a robust and thriving economy.

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What Is The Meaning Of Industrial Sickness?

Industrial sickness can be defined as a steady imbalance in the debt-equity ratio and distortion in the financial position of the unit. A sick unit is one which is unable to support itself through the operation of internal resources.

What Are The Indications Of Industrial Sickness?

Symptoms of Industrial Sickness

  • Inappropriate utilization of resources.
  • Rejection rate of goods manufactured is very high.
  • Overuse of cash credit facilities on a regular basis and failing to pay installment on credits and interest on loans taken from banks and other financial institutions.

What Is Industrial Sickness Remedies?

Remedial measures

  • Continuous monitoring of unit.
  • Careful project appraisal.
  • Professional, institutional response to unit’s problems.
  • Required systems at client units.
  • Incentives to units to remain healthy.

What Is Industrial Sickness Wikipedia?

Industrial sickness is a term applied to various things associated with industry that make people ill and cause them to miss work.

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