What Is High Sea Sales?

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In the realm of international trade, various terms and concepts govern the movement and sale of goods. One such concept is High Sea Sales (HSS), which refers to a transaction that takes place while goods are in transit on the high seas. HSS offers unique opportunities for businesses engaged in global trade, enabling flexibility, cost savings, and expanded market reach. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of High Sea Sales, its significance, and the benefits it brings to international trade.

What Is High Sea Sales?

High Sea Sales is a term used to describe a transaction in which goods are sold by a buyer to another buyer while the goods are still in transit on the high seas or after they have crossed the customs frontier of the importing country. It involves the transfer of ownership and rights of the goods from the original buyer (the HSS buyer) to the subsequent buyer (the HSS seller) before the goods reach the destination port. The HSS seller takes possession of the goods and assumes responsibility for completing the import procedures and paying applicable duties and taxes.

Significance Of High Sea Sales:

  1. Flexibility in Trade:

High Sea Sales provide flexibility in international trade by allowing buyers to modify their purchase plans while goods are in transit. It enables buyers to sell the goods to another party if they find a more favorable market or encounter unexpected circumstances that require a change in their original plans. HSS facilitates the adaptation to changing market conditions and optimizes trading opportunities.

  1. Cost Savings:

Engaging in High Sea Sales can result in cost savings for buyers. By selling the goods while they are still in transit, buyers can avoid the need to transport the goods to their own location or warehouse, thus saving transportation costs. Additionally, buyers can take advantage of better pricing opportunities or discounts by leveraging the global market dynamics at the time of the HSS transaction.

  1. Market Expansion:

High Sea Sales enable businesses to expand their market reach by facilitating trade beyond their usual territories. It allows buyers to explore new markets and sell goods to buyers in different countries while the goods are in transit. This opens up opportunities for businesses to tap into new customer bases, establish international partnerships, and diversify their revenue streams.

  1. Risk Mitigation:

High Sea Sales can help mitigate certain risks associated with international trade. By transferring ownership and responsibility to the HSS seller before the goods reach the destination port, the HSS buyer reduces the risk of unforeseen events or delays at the port of destination. The HSS seller assumes the responsibility of completing import formalities, which can provide greater control and mitigate potential risks for the HSS buyer.

  1. Trade Financing:

High Sea Sales can be utilized for trade financing purposes. In some cases, the HSS seller may finance the transaction by providing credit to the HSS buyer. This allows the HSS buyer to defer payment until the subsequent sale is completed, which can provide cash flow advantages and facilitate smoother trade operations.


High Sea Sales play a significant role in international trade by offering flexibility, cost savings, and market expansion opportunities. The concept allows buyers to sell goods to other buyers while they are still in transit, providing the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and optimize trading opportunities. High Sea Sales offer benefits such as cost savings, risk mitigation, and the potential for trade financing. Engaging in High Sea Sales can be a strategic move for businesses involved in global trade, allowing them to navigate the high seas of international commerce with agility and maximize their trading potential.

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What Is High Sea Sales With Example?

For example, if a buyer in India purchases iron scrap from USA and while the shipment is in transit, the goods are sold to another person, the transaction would be termed as high sea sales.

What Is The Advantage Of High Sea Sales?

Advantages of High Sea Sales-

Sales made through high sea sales are considered to be outside the territorial jurisdiction of India and so no sales tax is levied. By presenting the bill of entry at customs for home consumption, the end high seas sales buyer can receive tax exemptions or concessions.

What Is The Rule Of High Sea Sales?

In the case of High Sea Sales (HSS) transactions, the original importer sells the goods to his customer while the goods are still on high seas. Thus unlike actual import of goods, the original importer himself doesn’t bring the goods into the territory of the country.

What Does It Mean By High Sea?

The high seas refers to the ocean water column that lies beyond the boundaries of any one country, also known as areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ). The seafloor beyond the limits of the coastal continental shelf is what is termed “the Area” by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

What Is The Difference Between Merchanting Trade And High Sea Sales?

Also as per, RBI Guidelines “For a trade to be classified as merchanting trade, goods acquired shall not enter the Domestic Tariff Area.” This is the stark difference between High Sea Sales and Merchant trade transaction. While the former must be followed by ultimate import, the later must not include import.

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