What Is A Spike Deer?

By Charlotte Miller

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What Is A Spike Deer?

The Spike Deer, also known as the Indian Spotted Deer, is a species of deer native to South and Southeast Asia. This unique species is known for its distinctive antlers, which have a single spike rather than the typical branching antlers found in most deer species.

Spike Deer are medium-sized animals, weighing between 80 and 120 pounds and standing about three feet tall at the shoulder. They are recognized for their reddish-brown fur and white spots, which provide excellent camouflage in their forested habitats. These deer are herbivores and feed on a variety of vegetation, including grasses, leaves, and shoots.

In the wild, Spike Deer are solitary animals and are most active at dawn and dusk. During the day, they rest in shady areas and are highly alert to any potential danger. At night, they feed and roam their territory, searching for food and water.

Spike Deer are important to the ecosystem as they play a role in seed dispersal and contribute to the maintenance of the balance of the ecosystem by controlling the growth of vegetation. However, their populations have declined in recent years due to habitat destruction and hunting. Spike Deer are listed as a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but their populations are still at risk due to the destruction of their natural habitats.

In conclusion, Spike Deer is a unique and fascinating species of deer that occupy a special place in the ecosystem. With their distinctive antlers and beautiful fur, they are a valuable asset to the natural world. It is important that we take steps to protect their habitats and ensure their populations remain healthy for future generations to enjoy.

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Should You Shoot A Spike Deer?

If you have an encouraging amount of rainfall, shooting spikes could be beneficial. The high rainfall creates a domino effect of good habitat and nutrition, which will lead to buck growth and less population attrition. Poor habitat and/or nutrition is going to lead to poor antler growth and more spikes.

What Causes A Buck To Be Spiked?

The most common cause of spikes is poor nutrition. When spikes represent more than 25 percent of yearling bucks, it usually indicates too many deer are present for the available resources.

Does A Spike Count As A Buck?

The term “spike” refers to bucks (male deer) with antlers that do not branch. The term “spike” refers to bucks (male deer) with antlers that do not branch. They are also called spike horn, spike bucks, spiked bucks, spikes, or spikers.

Is A Spike Deer Always Going To Be A Spike?

Few yearling bucks with spike antlers are genetically programmed to remain spike bucks at maturity. But if we shoot them as spikes, yes, they will never have more than spike antlers. If hunters would let them go, plenty of them can grow into handsome trophies once they overcome a slow start.

How Do You Tell A Doe From A Spike?

A doe’s head normally is more rounded on top between the ears and a buck’s head is flattened by the base of the antler pedicles. Many old-school hunters can spot a mature doe immediately by the classic “coke bottle” shape of the head. An adult doe will have a longer neck and snout.

Are Spike Deer Legal In Texas?

Additionally, any buck with at least one unbranched antler (e.g., spike) is NOT legal to harvest, unless the outside spread of the main beams is 20 inches or more in width.

What Is The Difference Between A Spike Deer And A Button Buck?

Spike Buck vs Button Buck

A spike buck has slender antlers without branches. A button buck doesn’t have any antlers at all. A button buck, more commonly referred to as a nub buck, is a young male fawn that has fuzzy nubs on its head rather than bony antlers.


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