What if No One Was at Fault During a Car Accident?

By Juliet D'cruz

An accident can take place at any time without any prior alert as an unforeseen calamity. In most accident cases, after the accident has taken place, one person takes the blame and pays for it, but there are situations where both parties are not at fault and get confused with what to do next. A Queens car accident lawyer can give legal advice and help deal with car accidents in a no-fault state.

In the event of an accident where no one was at fault, it is possible for the injured person to be considered as a victim and can claim compensation from the other person’s insurance company. Although the claim is compensated, the victim cannot seek further claims from them.

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What to do if no one was at fault in a car accident?

Both parties might claim that it is not their fault. This could be true yet baffled about what happens next after the unforeseen event. Either both the parties are seeking compensation from the other or trying to get away with no-fault and settlement. Only a car accident lawyer can tell you what can be done if no one is at fault in a car accident case. Some of the actions that can be suggested for the person to do are:

  1. The ideal act is that any victim is expected to reach out to the police even if it is nobody’s fault. Let the police investigate and find out details about the accident.
  2. Before the police arrive, ensure to gather as much information as you can ask so that the other person does not get away from the scene.
  3. Remember not to discuss the accident when trying to get the required information from the person because it might end up in a riot by pointing out whose fault it is. The police will communicate it by a proper investigation.
  4. Get the police report of the car accident since an insurance company might ask for a copy of the police report if you are planning claim reparation through an insurance claim.
  5. There is also a third-party claim that the person got injured in an accident where no one was at fault. Although the person can claim compensation for their injuries only, they cannot charge additional charges.
  6. Regardless of figuring out whose fault it was for the accident to occur, ensure that you have a record of all the medical costs, car repairing costs, etc. because an insurance company might ask for all the required receipts to give compensation.

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