What do window decals customers often ask about?

By Juliet D'cruz

Window graphics customers often ask several questions about what products can be ordered and also about their cost. When ordering window decals Vancouver, many are interested in various points related to the production of such products.

How is windowed graphics done? The starting material is a special vinyl film. It has an adhesive layer that allows you to fix products directly on the glass surface. The necessary images and text, or even individual letters, numbers, are printed on the vinyl film. For printing, special ink is used, which during operation of the stickers does not deteriorate under the influence of external factors. The printing is very durable, thus ensuring the longevity of the label. It is important to note that the material for their production must be selected with certain quality characteristics. Low-quality vinyl film will not allow making products that can please the customer.

Where can you order vinyl window decals?

Window graphics are made by companies that produce outdoor advertising. They have special equipment. They can also offer products of different characteristics for different purposes of use. In addition, such companies have specialists who help with the gluing of stickers. In principle, the fastening process is not very difficult. But if there is a desire to glue the window graphics as accurately as possible, then it is better to involve a specialist to perform such work.

How much does window graphics cost? Expensive?

Window graphics are not expensive. The main part of the cost is the cost of materials that are used to manufacture it. The rest is reward for the manufacturing work that the manufacturer does. Window graphics prices vary widely. The final cost depends on many factors. These are not only the dimensions of the window graphics themselves, but also the design features. By the way, if there is no design, then you will need to develop it. You will have to pay for the development of the design.

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How long is the intended use of window graphics?

Window graphics serve a long term, which can be several years. But vinyl window stickers for business are used for less time. The reason is not that the graphics are losing their appeal. It’s just that any business needs periodic updates. You can quickly update a sticker. A little money will have to be spent to order a new one and replace the old window graphics with it. In general, vinyl is very durable. But it is important to understand that the product cannot be reused. When removed, the sticker is often deformed. In addition, its adhesive layer is damaged. As a result, it cannot be used a second time. However, this fact is not the reason for the disorder. The price of such products is low, so it cannot be said that the costs of making a new sticker will be huge.

Can I use any glass?

Window graphics can be attached not only to glass windows. You can use door glass to fix it. In addition, you can order not only advertising, for example, discounts or new offers. Information decals can be made from vinyl. On glass doors, you can often see translucent modes of operation with the indication of days and times. In addition, it can be stickers that contain information about contact information. 

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