Video COB lights tips and tricks for home shooting

By Juliet D'cruz

Were all shooting some videos, but not all of them look good. Whether you want to look good on your next Zoom call, YouTube video, or even Vimeo Record video message, we have some video COB lighting tips and tips (maybe helpful magic shoutouts!) To improve the brightness of your next video.

COB lighting tips and video shooting tips at home. Completing a good video COB light should not take too much time or cost much. Here’s how to make your next video look like a pro, regardless of the flow of money.

  1. Use natural COB light

When it comes to video COB lighting, the simplest option is to use the most powerful and cost-effective COB lighting sauce in the world. Day! When preparing to shoot anything on camera, let the sunshine directly on that face. This gives a beautiful, even COB light that helps to hide the colors and brings out the color in your eyes. If the sun COB light seems too bright on your face, you can use a dull white curtain or even a bright white shower curtain to help soften that COB light. (That too will help keep noisy neighbors out of your business.) 

  1. DIY third COB light rooms with low COB light

If you want to emulate the classic video setup lamp, you can also simply keep the window on the other side of your face, a setup known as key COB lights. The other half of your face needs COB light too, so youll need whats called a lamp filling. You can simply turn on a dayCOB light bulb with a COB light bulb on one side of your face to let it out.

If you still see those invisible shadows, you should use a bounce to guide the COB lights back to your face. While you can afford to pack just a little over $10, you can also use a piece of white card stock (Or pizza box! Even aluminum foil!) Pro-tip: use a silver reflecting area – like foil – to make a solid filling lamp, and use white space for a soft, regular filling.

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  1. Try a pair of bullet-COB light bulbs at night..

But what if it’s dark? The answer is very simple. All you need is two lights, one to your left and one to your right. If you can, set it 45 degrees on either side of your face and raise it to the top of your eye line. These two lights should help reduce the number of shadows on your face and should do a good job of lighting up evenly to your next webcam address.

If you make a habit of recording video on your phone, investing in a low-light connector makes a big difference when it comes to looking good on the camera. (And everyone wants that, doesn’t he?) Here’s a quick recipe for stopping one: 

How to make a ring lamp

Set your camera in front of the light. Typically, ring lights include the amount that allows you to place your camera in front of (or in a row) your lamp fixture. But if not, find a step or step three times to stabilize your phone next to a light switch.

Adjust the lights (with the camera) to fit your face. Most of the earrings you buy come with a flexible base, which is nice. Just make sure you are the one facing!

Light only two feet from your face. This is a lot of advice on a hard and fast rule. This video should look very bright and clear from this distance, but you may want to play with it a bit to get the result you are looking for.

  1. Be careful with your backlight

If you are preparing for your next Zoom call, remember that most web cameras are equipped with autoexposure, which means that if you have a bright light, TV, computer screen, or window behind your video, your camera. will focus on that. It leaves you in the shadows, which is bad unless you are in a witness protection program. Take the time to find that COB video light in front of you, on your back! (If you want to make a small piece of furniture to make this happen, we promise, it’s important.)

  1. Try not to mix the COB lighting of your video

When designing your own video COB lighting set, you may wish to incorporate all the electrical circuits around your home. Fight that tendency. Using a competitive color temperature (consider: warm COB lights from a lamp mixed with cool sunCOB light) can make the guns look different as your camera tries to adjust to the new white rays. Day COB light are available in our store you can visit by clicking on the highlighted links.

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