Understanding the Cost of Cervical Cancer Treatment in India

By Charlotte Miller

Cervical cancer can be difficult to treat due to its high mortality rate and the financial burden associated with it. The cost of cervical cancer treatment in India can be different for each patient suffering from cervical cancer. The cost can be affected by various factors which include the test before the actual treatment and other additional services.

Cost of procedures before cervical cancer treatment:

Consultations and Diagnostic Tests:

Before the actual treatment, consultations and diagnostic tests are important to understand the unique condition of a patient. These preliminary costs provided a comprehensive evaluation that guides the healthcare team in planning an effective treatment plan. The cost range of consultation and diagnostic tests is 120 USD to 360 USD.


A biopsy is a test that confirms the presence of cervical cancer. The costs associated with this procedure involve the collection and examination of tissue samples and range from 180 USD to 480 USD.

Imaging Scans:

Imaging scans that include MRI, CT, and PET scans can also affect the total cervical treatment cost. These scans help in determining the extent of cancer spread and help in planning the appropriate course of action for a single patient. The cost of imaging scans starts from 60 USD and goes up to 300 USD per scan.

Cervical Cancer Treatment Costs:


The cost of medications varies according to the specific types of drugs prescribed by the healthcare professional. These medications have a significant part in the overall cervical cancer treatment costs.


Surgical intervention is a common approach that is used specifically in the early stages of cervical cancer. The expenses encompassing the surgical procedure range from 1,200 USD to 6,000 USD.


Immunotherapy is an advanced technique used in cancer treatment. This approach strengthens the immune system of the body to fight cancer cells. The cost range of immunotherapy treatment is 600 USD to 2,400 USD per cycle.


Chemotherapy is used in the advanced stages of cervical cancer treatment. The costs cover the drugs administered and associated medical supervision and have the range of 600 USD to 1,200 USD per cycle.

Supportive Care:

Supportive care, including measures to manage side effects and enhance well-being during treatment, incurs an additional cost of 1,200 USD to 3,600 USD per cycle.

Hospitalization Expenses:

Hospitalization expenses cover the costs of accommodation, nursing care, and other facilities during the treatment period. The cost of this facility ranges from 120 USD to 600 USD per day in India.

Factors Affecting Cervical Cancer Treatment Cost in India:

Several factors contribute to the variability in cancer treatment costs:

Stage and Nature of Cancer:

Early-stage cancers generally have lower costs as compared to advanced-stage cancers that require more intensive treatments.

Type of treatment chosen:

The choice of treatment modality, be it surgery, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy, significantly influences costs.

Facilities provided by hospitals:

The selection of the hospital and its location can impact costs, with metropolitan cities often having higher expenses.

Experience of Oncologists:

The expertise and reputation of the treating oncologist contribute to overall treatment expenses.

Understanding the complex details of cervical cancer treatment costs in India allows individuals to make informed decisions according to the financial aspects of cancer treatment in India, where quality treatments are available within affordable ranges.