Types of Violin Case Shapes You Should Know

By Albert Howard

If you’re not aware yet, there are different shapes and sizes of violin cases. Some are made to fit the violin like a glove, while others are bulkier. There are even some that look like briefcases! And then some have been made to hold a whole orchestra’s worth of instruments.

Before you shop for a case, you’ll want to know what shape will work best for your instrument. Here is a list of the most common types of violin case shapes.

Types of Violin Cases

Proper instrument storage is a must so before you head out and look for a bam violin case, take a look at these types.

Oblong violin case

An oblong violin case is long and narrow in shape. It is also known as a long case or traveling case, as it was designed for use by traveling musicians. This type of case has been around for centuries, and many musicians still prefer it to other types of cases.

The oblong violin case was lightweight and compact, so the musician could easily carry it on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. It also had to be strong enough to protect the instrument from damage during travel but not too heavy to carry around all day long.

Shaped violin case

A shaped violin case is one that is shaped like a violin or has been shaped to look like one. There are two main types of shaped violin cases.

  • The hard shell
  • The soft shell

Hard shell-shaped violin cases are made out of hard plastic or metal and usually have some sort of padding on the bottom to protect your instrument from dings and scratches. They’re good for protecting your instrument from drops, but not necessarily from bumps and knocks.

Soft shell-shaped violin cases are made out of fabric, often with padding inside to protect your instrument. They’re great for protecting your instrument against bumps and knocks because they’re soft but don’t offer much protection against drops or falls.

Half-moon violin case

The half-moon violin case has a unique look, and it’s a great option for people who want something different from the traditional rectangular case. This case style is also perfect for people who want to travel with their instrument more compactly than the standard model but still safe and secure.

The half-moon style makes it easy to fit your instrument into an overhead compartment on an airplane or into any other space that doesn’t have enough room to accommodate a full-length violin case. 

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Cabin violin case

A cabin violin case is a hard-sided case with a shoulder strap, similar to a guitar case. Cabin violins are typically made of wood or plastic and have a rectangular shape with rounded edges. The case’s interior will be padded with foam or cloth, and there may be compartments for additional accessories such as rosin, strings, and other tools.

Which Shape of Violin Case to Buy

The shape of your case depends on what you’re looking for. 

A violin-shaped case is best if you want a lightweight and easy to carry around. These cases are easy to pack in a suitcase and won’t take up much room in your car. They also typically have more compartments for accessories than other types of cases.

Get a hard shell case if you want something secure and safe for storage. These cases are molded to fit the instrument exactly and are made of sturdy materials that protect it from damage.


Now that you know the different violin case shapes, what’s next? Remember that a good violin case should be sturdy, durable, and able to protect your instrument from damage. It should also be lightweight for easy carrying and fit well in your backpack or locker. But most importantly, it should make you feel like a rockstar! So go out there and find the perfect case for your violin, and don’t forget to show it off!

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