Top 5 Website Designs Which Can Attract Leads

By Juliet D'cruz

You have made your website information oriented, but you complain about the poor performance of your website. What do you think is the reason behind it? Lead generation is the ultimate aim of your website, but if it fails to meet the objective, you will be compelled to suffer.

Please check if there is some problem with your website design. Friendly website design is one of the determiners of traffic generation and lead generation either. This comes under core seo practices.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best website design techniques that may help you generate leads.

Top Website Design Which Can Attract Leads

Sometimes due to faulty website design, your website fails to perform well. This being the case, you need to work continuously on your designs to make them work effectively. Let’s discuss this in this section to get a better understanding.

1. Retro Revolutions 

It is sometimes believed that perceptions, ideas, tastes, and trends move in cyclic order. Putting simply, what was a trend in the 1970s might become a trend in 2022! This is true for web design.

During the days of Web 1.0 in the 90s, the designs were characterized by bold fonts and vibrant colors, and robotic typefaces. It is also observed that people are showing their love for this kind of design.

This polished minimalism has literally returned back yet again. So what are you waiting for? You can create your own customized infographics to ornament the web page. Download Above Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for free from Pirate Bay and start designing. Visit, thenewpiratebay and get them.

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2. Memphis Designs

Memphis designs were one of the chief characteristics of aesthetics during the early 80s and 90s. Here you get a chaotic brilliance of high-resolution colors. This vibrancy is once again returning back in the year 2022.

Minimalism coupled with bright colors attracts critics and users also. These kinds of designs attract leads.

We all know that the aesthetics of website design is a great way of attracting customers. People, knowing and unknowingly, get attracted to good designs and exteriority.

Good-looking websites attract leads (the customers) easily. For example, we can mention Apple Inc. They worked extensively on website design and innovative logos to imprint an image on the buyers.

3. Neo Brutalism

Neo Brutalish has a relation to the historical trend characterized by raw elements and exposed materials like concrete. This gives a kind of ruff and tuff image to your website.

Though a concept of the bygone days, it is coming out once again. You will get to see them in asymmetrical layouts, default computer fonts, unstyled HTML, and untreated photos.

Digital brutalism has a rawness and a clean, clear, and minimalistic look. The present generation is loving it. This is the reason the design of websites has become popular.

4. Moving Type

It is a kind of perceived idea that topography can do wonders. It can not only convey ideas in the strongest possible terms but also do more than convey information but also attract the viewers.

The designers are using the same idea to convey their message to the viewers. They use simple animations to move the letters.

When you click on something, the letters describing it will move into the center stage. This is how things develop with time.

5. Visible Borders

When we talk about design aesthetics, the mention of visible borders is a must. With visible borders, you get things in a structured form.


There is an element of demarcation in the sections. This visible grid helps distinguish one set of information from the other.

When the visitor goes into the website, it requires clarity and ease. You need to ensure that the viewer doesn’t feel problematic in any of the sections. Getting things in visible borders provides a certain element of clarity to the look of the website.

There is one more benefit of visible borders. You can scan the pages easily without many hazards. This early 90s trend is still making a comeback in the year 2022.

Wrapping It Up 

There is a great difference between a website and an attractive design. If two similar websites, one with a general design and the other with attractive colors and minimalism, work together, there will be a hell and heaven difference in terms of performance.

Remember, the ultimate aim of a website is lead generation, and a business enterprise must leave no stone unturned to make an aesthetically appealing design.

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