Tips to Create a Killer Bartender Resume 

By Albert Howard

You may make the perfect bartender taking orders all night long. But now you need a new order in – an irresistible bartender resume!

To impress the public in the bar you need a friendly attitude, drink knowledge, and deft hands. While to gain bar manager confidence in your skills and work you need a perfect bartender resume. 

Applying for a bartender role you should be well-versed in beer, liquor, cocktails, and wine. You should also be eager to learn about new beverages as great bartenders have a constant optimistic mood.

Nonetheless, how do you create a killer bartender resume? The one that’ll get you plenty of shortlists?

Tips to Create a Bartender Resume

1. Format: Opt for the reverse-chronological format as it will help you list your experiences in the order that managers often like it—from most relevant and recent backwards to your very first job.

However, if you’re new to this, you can opt for a functional resume format to highlight your skills or a combination format if you want the best of both worlds. 

2. Summary: The bartender’s resume summary section should draw the most attention. You need to prove how qualified you are to do this job in the fewest words possible. You should also showcase a positive attitude to any new challenge.Start your summary with power words like “Customer-centric” to create an impact on the manager. Try not to stretch your summary over 3-5 lines to keep the manager interested and not bored in your candidacy.

3. Work experience: In this section include action verbs and quantify results. Highlight aspects of your previous job experiences which can speak to how well you can perform as a bartender. 

4. Education: A bartender job normally doesn’t require any additional training or certificates, although it may require a bartending license, which varies by state. Check if such a license is required, and put it on your resume once you’ve obtained it, along with any further courses or certifications related to the bartending job.

5. Skills: Put together a unique mix of practical and soft abilities you possess as a bartender. Emphasize bartender resume skills like expediting drink orders, adhering to food and beverage standards, and understanding of cocktails and mixology, as well as intangible skills, like customer service, a strong work ethic, and collaboration. 

6. Proofread: You only get one chance to create a strong first impression. You can utilize the Grammarly plugin for Google Chrome and examine your resume twice before sending it to avoid minor typos.

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As a bartender, you will have to manage beverage services in restaurants or taverns. You will have to take drink orders and prepare and serve mixed drinks. In addition, you will also be expected to organize inventory and keep working areas clean.

A few tips to consider before you write your bartender resume:

  • Don’t discount relevant non-bar experience in your bartender resume.
  • Quantify your accomplishments to give more impact on the recruiter.
  • Proofread your resume and also run a spell checker to avoid minor mistakes or typos.
  • Keep your resume about one page, short and to the point. 

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