Tips on Picking iPhone 13/14 Pro Max Leather Cases Body

By Charlotte Miller

The smartphones Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max are highly praised by consumers for their smooth operation, the availability of numerous useful functions, and classy design. You, however, should protect the gadgets from negative external influences to make them last as long as possible. A qualitative iPhone 14 Pro Max leather case or 14 Pro Max case will be a perfect tool to keep your device protected. You may find a wide range of high-quality skin phone covers at

What to Consider When Deciding on a Leather iPhone 13/14 Pro Max Case

First, the right skin type should be chosen. Among the most popular leather kinds, the following ones are popular:

  1. Python skin. This material has a coarse-grained texture. Because of this, it catches the eye. So, iPhone 13 Pro Max leather cases or 14 Pro Max skin covers of such material are good for those striving to always be in the spotlight.
  2. Lizard skin. The leather has a fine-grained texture, so it isn’t as catchy as the previous one. The material still looks rich. Thus, covers of this skin type suit Apple phone owners who have a reserved personality and want to impress only their loved ones.
  3. Cobra leather. It is distinguished by its exotic pattern. Moreover, you won’t find the same pattern on different skin pieces. Thus, you will get a unique accessory if you decide on a cobra leather cover.

You may find leather iPhone 13/14 pro max cases of many various skin types in the A&V catalog.

What Color to Choose

Here, it’s advisable to consider your personality. For example, mature and passionate women may pick maroon or red smartphone cases. These shades emphasize your internal flame and experience. Serious men, for their part, are recommended to decide on dark tints. These may be black or navy blue covers. Such hues accentuate one’s reliability.

Are Low-Cost iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Cases and 14 Pro Max Skin Covers Good?

Experts don’t recommend selecting budget accessories, as they are usually made of low-quality materials. You can still order a qualitative and stylish case at a reasonable price at as part of our regular promotions.

Where to Buy a Fine Leather iPhone 13/14 Pro Max Case

The A&V online shop suggests plenty of different covers for the mentioned Apple phones. To buy a preferable accessory from us, do the following:

  1. Create an account or log in.
  2. Add a case you like to a cart.
  3. Checkout. Don’t forget to enter a promo code if you have any.

We make our cases of high-quality materials produced by top European manufacturers. So, they can last many years. Order a good iPhone 14 Pro Max leather case or 13 Pro Max skin cover at right now!