Things you should know before hiring brick repointing services in Fredericton

By Juliet D'cruz

Sometimes you might be in need of a brick repointing expert, and you may not know how to hire one. These specialists are highly qualified individuals who are engaged in the masonry work of different kinds of buildings that require mortar as their binding element. It is upon you to understand that there are so many companies that offer brick repointing services, but only a few can handle your project well because they have some qualities and characteristics that make them stand out from other bricklayers. So if you want a repointing expert to handle your project, here are some essential factors you should consider.

Licensed and insured contractor

These two are critical, especially when hiring brick repointing services, and their presence can be a game-changer. Getting the license of the mason from local authorities as well as insurance is mandatory because this will help save you in case there is any damage or injury on your property. It also shows that they have passed a particular standard in terms of training, knowledge, professionalism, skill, and most importantly, experience. Research concerning the licenses can be done by visiting the state department where you do business or even through search engines that have all information about any given experts, including its validity period and renewal charges, hence saving you the time to run from one office to another.

Available references

Unlike other masonry experts, they should be able to provide you with at least five different types of references from former clients, if not more, because this will enable you to have a clear picture of his project management skills and methods. So it is advised that when hiring repointing services in Fredericton, or even any other part of New Brunswick, make sure that you call their previous employers and ask about their service delivery methods, quality of work, the dedication they exhibited during working hours, and most importantly the cost they charged for their services so as to avoid surprises later in future. It`s important because it can help you know whether they are honest with their claims on the money they are supposed to pocket from your job or if they can be trusted with important property such as a house.

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Availability of certificates/documents

It`s a known fact that not all people who claim to be brick repointing specialists in Fredericton really understand what they are doing, and some will end up causing destruction on your property instead of adding value to it because they lack the necessary skills and competence. Hence you should always carry out a thorough research concerning their qualification before engaging them for any construction project at your place. When hiring a certified repointing expert, make sure that you demand proof of certification to avoid further losses, which could have been avoided through a slight vetting process. You can also check credentials on Social media sites which state and expose information about such individuals.

Reputation and referrals

A good repointing service provider should always have an excellent reputation; most of the time, they obtain it by doing great projects for their clients and consistently delivering quality work on time without any delay or excuses. An expert in business for a long time is most likely to be known among his colleagues, hence more experienced in what he does. So if you want firsthand information about someone`s track record, then you can ask them directly because they will not hesitate to speak about their past works as well as the level of satisfaction from their clients, this way no one can tell lies when answering such questions because it comes with experience which cannot be faked. Referrals are also advisable because word-of-mouth is free of charge, unlike advertisements which cost a fortune. 

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