The Top Things to do in Madison AL

By Juliet D'cruz

Blessed with a friendly population, historic homes and scenic natural beauties, Madison AL is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the states. With a rich culture and thriving commerce, the city still manages to preserve its quaint, small-town, southern charm and seconds to none when it comes to hospitality. 

During the past few decades, Madison’s tech, education, and business sectors have remarkably flourished, attracting highly educated folks to settle down in the region. 

Owing to its vast leisure options, tourists from all around the world mark it on their must-see list. If you, too, are planning to visit Madison AL, with your family or relatives, don’t forget to apply for group ESTA, enabling one representative to complete all the eligibility and application requirements for the travelling members. 

Remember to apply earlier. It takes around 72 hours for the ESTA to be approved. You may even want to apply first and then plan your trip – since the ESTA will be valid for two years from the date of approval. So, even if you have to reschedule your trip for some reason, you don’t have to worry as much.

Explore the Downtown Madison, AL

Downtown Madison is the heart of Madison city. Since it comprised the Memphis and Charleston railway depot in the 1850s and was developed largely for shipment purposes, the area became known as Madison Station for a long time. 

Today, it is a hub for entertainment, food and antique lovers and is visited by many travellers every season. There are numerous unique shops to quench your shopping thirst and if they are not enough, the frequently running trains will take you to the next stop without any delay! 

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Grab the taste of Historic Downtown Madison, AL

From traditional breakfasts, classic southern lunches and rustic eateries to modern cuisines and fast food, Downtown Madison has no dearth of choices when it comes to food. Most restaurants and eateries here offer kid-friendly menus and have decors that will blow your mind. Especially if vintage is what you crave, Downtown Madison is your ultimate bliss. 

Do not forget to check out the breweries! They serve the tastiest local beers with the perfect comfort food, which will make your trip even more memorable.

Indoor Playground Madison, AL

Whether you are travelling alone or with friends or kids, Madison has something for every age group. There are amazing indoor play centres and amusement arcades that will keep your tiny tots engaged for hours. 

Extremely hot days and unannounced rains can ruin your family day out, but in Madison AL, that’s not something you need to worry about. You can still have a great time with your kids in indoor batting cages, skating rinks, pool halls and laser tags. Many indoor places like Insanity Complex Entertainment Center, Grip N Rip and Rosalyn centre offer terrific family activities and will fill your experience with all kinds of fun and frolics.

Nature Trails and Hikes in Madison, Al

When it comes to greenways and hikes, Alabama has some of the most beautiful trails that you can enjoy with your family. Paved ways or hiking adventure, the choice is yours. Madison’s green outdoors guarantees unlimited fun. Bradford creek and Indian creek pathways are two of the most popular paved paths that come with decent parking and are kid friendly. 

If you plan on taking a stroll around Madison’s wildlife, Rainbow Mountain has many wonderful trails to offer. However, make sure you have enough supplies with you and carry a first-aid kit without fail. When travelling with kids, choose a path with lesser steps and learn about the routes beforehand as cell phone signals might get weak in some areas.

What else to do in Madison Alabama?

This was just a snapshot of the things you can do there. Madison AL is more than just a usual weekend getaway. Besides a relaxing lifestyle, unique shopping options, delicious food and a welcoming environment, its history and cultural richness set it apart from other tourist sites. 

Suppose you plan your visit around specific festivals like the Annual Madison Street Festival or Christmas. In that case, you will witness the incredible amalgamation of traditional and contemporary ways of life housed by this small city.

You can check out the Public Library, City Farmer’s market, Station antique shop, War Museum, and Church of the Highlands to closely appreciate Madison’s beauty. Already decided to visit Madison AL? Fill out the application for ESTA in advance to avoid any last-minute hurry and start preparing your travel bucket list. You may just be in for a pleasant surprise when you land in Madison Alabama. What’s the best thing you’re looking forward to in your travel to Madison, Alabama anyway? 

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