The evolution of JavaScript in a nutshell

By Berry Mathew

Everyone is keen to discuss JavaScript technology which has become extremely popular. Though the field of JavaScript security there are a few protocols that you need to be aware. If you understand the language, it is wonderful to implement. Below are some of the reasons why this language turns out to be popular. You need to be aware that just like any programming language JavaScript does have its own share of pros and cons. Let us understand the benefits of JavaScript in depth


With JavaScript, it turns out to be an interpreted language. So, it does take less amount of time than required by other languages like Java compilation. Since it is a client-side script it is known to enhance the speed of execution as it takes less amount of time in connecting to the server.


The best part about this language is that it is easy and simple to understand. For the developers and the users, the structure is a simple one to understand. As it is easy to implement it goes on to save a considerable degree of money at the end of developers. For the dynamic content on the web, it turns out to be important.


All the modern scripts are known to support JavaScript so it is found everywhere. Most of the famous companies in the world like Google end up relying on JavaScript for their needs.


JavaScript is known to work perfectly with other programming languages, and developers tend to prefer it when it comes to developing various applications. It can be embedded into any script or any programming language in an easy manner.

Server load

As JavaScript is operational on the client side, it is seen that data validation is possible rather than dishing it off to the new server. What it means is that if there are any issues the entire webpage does not have to be eradicated. The browser is known to augment a section of the page.

Rich interferences

JavaScript is known to provide interfaces that enable developers to formulate catchy pages. The use of sliders along with drag and drop features does go on to provide a rich interface to the web pages. What it does is that it leads to improved interactivity on the webpage.

Enhanced functionality

There are third-party extensions that allow the developers to formulate snippet codes. These add-on codes, it would allow the developers to formulate JavaScript applications. Platforms like appsealing can provide inputs on how to deal with the same.


With JavaScript, it is capable of front-end and back-end development. The latter goes on to use Node JS code whereas in the case of the former, it is Angular Js.

Less overhead

With JavaScript, it is known to enhance the performance of websites or web applications where it goes on to reduce code length. It is known to contain less overhead where numerous in-built applications are being developed.

At the same time there are some drawbacks associated with the use of JavaScript.