Teaching Aids: Its role in providing support to students

By Albert Howard

What are teaching aids?

Teaching aids can be defined as tools whose major objective is to help in the easy facilitation of teaching and learning process. In the current educational world where online education has become popular through course selling of various kinds, the use of teaching aids are essential to ensure that students can be provided with the necessary resources so that they can engage with the learning process effectively. 

Considering the previous educational methods, the students only had the availability of textual references based on which they were provided with knowledge. However, in the current educational market, thanks to online education there are a variety of teaching aids available that have the ability to better support the educational attainment of the students. 

Classification of the types of Teaching aids

There are several kinds of teaching aids available which includes the use of Posters and Bulletin boards, along with graphs and diagrams. Moreover, the use of laptops and computers can also be considered as a medium of teaching aid in the current educational market. Disease can be easily used both in offline and online teaching for better results to be obtained by the students. However, the teaching aids can be classified into a few specific processes that have been highlighted in the given section.

  1. Traditional teaching aids, which comprise of traditional materials including the use of blackboard, Chalk, periodicals, textbooks, copies and so on.
  2. Visual teaching aids, comprise of the elements of posters, model, figures and charts, graphs and other diagrammatic representation that provides a visual understanding of the concept.
  3. Audio-visual teaching aid, which consists of the mediums including video, television, cassettes, film and so on.
  4. Visual material teaching aids, involves the use of organization charts and tabular charts, flow charts and so on.
  5. Mechanical teaching aids, includes the use of audio stitching machine, tape recorder, Motion Picture, projector among others.

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Importance of making use of teaching aids

There lies a significant importance in the use of teaching aids in the current online education scenario. With more and more organizations getting involved in selling courses, it has now become important to make use of a variety of tools so that the teaching and learning can become simple as well as interesting for the students. Through the use of teaching aids in online education it becomes easier for the Teachers to develop a structural Framework that will support the educational attainment of the students. Similarly it also makes it easier for the Teachers to gain a better understanding of what method will best suit the interest of the students. The following section highlights the various reasons why making use of teaching aids is the most effective way to fulfill the educational objectives of the students.

In the given section a list of reasons has been outlined that will help in treating the importance of making use of teaching aids in online education.

  • Through the use of teaching aids it becomes possible to encourage the students to gather an in-depth understanding of the topic by increasing their interest in the subject.
  • Through the use of these methods it becomes possible for the students to enhance their conceptual and logical thinking and become more effective in the classroom.
  • Using teaching aids ensure that the students do not forget what is being taught in the classroom and have a fairy collection in the form of taking down notes.
  •  Teaching also provides the students with an opportunity to gather accurate information which makes it easier for them to understand the concepts and thereby perform well in the examinations.
  • It is possible to provide a clear image of the topic in the form of visual representation using graphs and diagrams among several other such methods.
  • They are also responsible for ensuring that students can feel interested in learning a certain topic that helps in the creation of a strong environment where learning is encouraged and curiosity is rewarded. 
  • Moreover, making use of these aids is considered to be beneficial as it helps students to have a better recollection of the topics when taught through visual representation. The reason being that it helps in making a direct and stronger effect on the minds of the students thereby allowing them to retain the memory for a long time.

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