St. Louis car accident: Get an attorney immediately

By Juliet D'cruz

Missouri is a tort state. If you sustained injuries in a car accident in St. Louis, the at-fault driver is liable for your losses. Getting involved in a road accident is scary enough – You wouldn’t want to deal with losses when someone else was negligent or didn’t adhere to their basic ‘duty of care’. Unfortunately, fatal and serious collisions, accidents, and crashes are not rare in Missouri. In this post, we are discussing more on why hiring a St. Louis car accident attorney is so necessary and relevant for your case.  

When you need to get a lawyer

Not every auto accident claim requires an attorney. If your losses are minimal (less than $5,000), you can possibly file a claim and expect a decent settlement from the other party’s insurer. However, there are some circumstances when lawyering up is truly necessary. Call a known accident lawyer if – 

  1. You were seriously injured or hurt in the accident 
  2. You sustained severe losses or property damage
  3. You were also at fault for the accident
  4. There are many parties involved
  5. There was a commercial truck involved

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Understanding the fault system in Missouri

When two or more drivers are responsible for an accident, the pure comparative fault rule comes into play. Missouri has claimant-friendly rules. Even when you bear more share of fault, you can still sue the other party for their negligence or fault. However, your settlement will be lower, depending on your fault share. For instance, if you were 50% at fault and were given a settlement of $100,000, you will only get $50,000 as the final compensation. 

Insurance companies often use the rules against the claimant to deny and delay auto accident claims. They may try to pass the blame or downplay your injuries. Knowing Missouri’s car accident rules is just one part, but understanding how things work in real life is a different aspect altogether. 

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Final word

Hiring a reliable and known accident attorney for your auto accident claim can improve your chances of getting an acceptable settlement. There are many law firms in St. Louis, and most of them would be happy to offer a free initial consultation for your lawsuit. Get an evaluation done and determine what your accident claim is worth before taking the next steps. You don’t have to pay an attorney until you win. Injury lawyers usually take a contingency fee, which is payable when you win a settlement.

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