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Save Tme and Money with Utility Bidder

Save Tme and Money with Utility Bidder

by Altaf

Save Tme and Money with Utility Bidder

Utility Bidder was initially known as Business Energy Consultants. James Longley established it in 2009 to address the need for an effective and transparent service that will provide businesses with the best utility tariffs. He created Utility Bidder to bridge the gap between the utility market and the companies. Since then, they have grown as a reputable business determined to provide the best value to their clients and suppliers. 

Being in the business for more than ten years, they have already proven their capability to help companies to maximise their profits and lower their costs. They provide award-winning service, quality expertise and value for money at every stage of the process.

Switching energy suppliers

All business owners are concerned with minimising business disruption. They believe that switching energy providers will be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. However, switching energy suppliers may provide more benefits that will outweigh the disruptions due to the changes in energy suppliers. 

Switching energy suppliers will allow you to save on your business utilities massively, and Utility Bidder provides businesses with the ability to quickly and easily change their energy suppliers without any hassle. In addition, they have streamlined their service so companies can easily compare different utility prices. 

Utility Bidders work closely with the leading energy suppliers in the UK to deliver more affordable quotes. They can help you cut down on your business energy bills, so you can get to more opportunities to improve and expand your business. 

They manage 20,000 electric meters for commercial customers providing the best options for business electricity. They also provide better business water service, lower water bills and give value for your money. In terms of business gas, they have access to almost all major gas suppliers in the UK. And you have the chance to save up to 45% of your gas prices. They will find the best prices and give you a hassle-free service for all your business energy needs. 

Saving time and money on commercial utilities

Small and medium enterprises, large companies, and even the public sector help businesses of all sizes. Because they believe that every single penny you can save on your energy and utilities will help increase your business’s profits in the long run. They have regular clients that range from pubs and takeaways to more prominent institutions such as care homes and factories. 

They have seasoned and experienced utility consultants across all sectors. They can fully advise you on the current market conditions, create plans, and give you suitable options for your needs. However, it would help if you knew that there are different tariffs suited to other sized companies. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right tariff that suits your business correctly.

Utility costs are now an integral part of a business’s operating costs. And Utility Bidder aims to help decrease these costs by providing businesses with a complete and comprehensive service that will handle companies’ energy, gas, water and electricity needs. In addition, they have an extensive database that will help you find the best supplier and prices for all your utility needs.

Why should you use Utility Bidder?

They have already established their reputation in the utility market, especially for businesses. About 68 thousand enterprises have partnered with Utility Bidder to save up to 45% of their utility bills. They will do all the necessary legwork for you, such as researching, negotiating and agreeing with the best utility contract with suppliers to provide you bespoke utility plans that will give your business more savings.

There are many third-party intermediaries nowadays but what sets them apart from the others is that they believe that their customers know best. No two businesses are the same. They have a dedicated team of utility experts that are readily available to help and provide you with the services based on the information and needs of your business.

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