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Remember 6-Things before visiting Dubai to Make your trip Memoreable

Remember 6-Things before visiting Dubai to Make your trip Memoreable

by Altaf

Now a days, everyone’s life is busy. Everyone want to get relief in his tiring life. Dubai is a world’s well known tourism point. Known for its immoderate hotels and tourist trap, magnificent shopping, trembling nightspot, stunning architecture, and extraordinary attitude. I think most of the people want to make a trip to Dubai in their life.Even, after seeing the beauty of Dubai some of them decide to live there permanently. Dubai is struggling to grow and is always looking for better, working with high technology agencies and always finding bigger. You will be shock by listening at how fast Dubai city has expanded and how much splendid memories you can make here if you adhere to the rules and respect the people and its culture.However, there are a few things that visitors should know before entering this tremendious city.

Renting a car: When tourist go to Dubai. Then they should have to get a car rental Dubai, so that they can travel around this amazing city without facing any transport problem. If someone is worry about renting a car in Dubai. He should follow the given instructions so that he would not face any problem. 

  • When you are going to rental company to renting a car. You should keep the documents with yourself like you ID and your approval confirmation( in case of online selection of car and payment).
  • Do your homework before renting a car. There is a reason behind this because when you pick the car from renting agency. Then rent of car starts, If you will do your homework it will take time considering that time company will charge you. And that was extra charge you have to pay.
  • I’ll suggest you that look at the car carefully. Try to find the scratches and damaged part of the car in any case. Don’t skip any scratch by considering it small. If you will miss this, possibly you have  the fine for these scratches that you missed to note.So carefully inspect the car and take images of the car as a proof.
  • Most of the rental companies offer you some their extra services. That you can manage without spending your money on these offers.Companies will offer to GPS service but if you will use your mobile for this purpose using Google Map.It will work for you and will save your money.
  • Every retal company has its own term and conditions. Age limit differs company to company.In some companies age should be 18 years old minimum for renting a car. On the other hand some companies 23 years is the minimum age for this purpose. If you will violate this condition of company you’ll not be able to get a car on rent.Keep in mind these instructions.

Flat Booking: You know in Dubai and in other cities in the world, finding a reservation in the hotels is difficult. To feed well in this city’s hotels and returants, you must neet to make  a reservation in your desire hotel in advance. Otherwise, you may have to wait a long time. As a result, it is a perfect thought  to book a table at the restaurant where you want to eat so that you would not face any problem. Your table will be ready when you will reach and your time will not be wasted.

Credit Card: If you are going to rent a car in Dubai, it will be tough exercise for you. A credit card has become an important part of our lives, with its suitable method to give money or its equivalent in return for something .The deals, offers,  and discounts that a credit card provides are exceptional by any other ecnomic outcome. But your credit cards can become debits if you pay out on your credit card than your credit limit. In such conditions, this economic tool will be very dangerous and high-priced. If credit score of your credit card will be good then it will put better impression on the other persons and companies whom with you are interacting.

Restrictions in DubaiFirst thing comes in mind of many people is that alcohol is banned in Dubai. The reason behind this is that they think Dubai is a Muslim country’s city  This, however, they are wrong in the case. Alcohol is not prohibited, it is available but only in licensed pols and restaurants that are attached to the hotels. For Ladies Thursday Night is when women are allowed to enjoy flattering drinks. Nola is one of Dubai’s best where Happy hours are available at several bars. The age for legal drinking is 21, and visitors have to show identity when visiting these foundations.

Don’t need to be millionaireDubai is considered as one of the most expensive cities in the world, but that does not stop your possibility of a holiday therefor person who is not excessively rich. There are number of sights to see that are enjoyable activities such as freefall and skydiving. People who like fooding should check a wide range of items of food that they will thoroughly enjoy. If you want to eat in cheap price you should try around the city because price will be lesser. If you have mid range budget then you can make your holidays memorable.

Temperature in Dubai: There is only one weather in Dubai. And that one is hot. This is the important thing that tourists should be sensible before visiting this tremendious location. Many people, particularly those who live in cooler areas, may feel uncomfortable in this high temerature. The climate of the region is desert like. The average temperature during the winter is around 78 degree, and the summer’s average temperature is around 115 degree. People who visit the Dubai should remember to bring special clothes such as a scarf to cover head and face, clothing will help them to cover their bodies and avoid heat rash.

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