Promote Your Brand With These Tips!

By Berry Mathew

Do you have your own business and notice that things are slowing down. Then start promoting your business, make sure you are back on the map with potential customers. In this blog, we give you tips on how to promote your brand through self-branding. 

Carry Your Own Brand

You and your employees are the biggest promotion for your business. Company clothing can therefore be very important in promoting your business. Make sure your employees are not wearing hand-me-downs but quality clothing. A brand like stanley stella exudes professionalism and quality. 

Giveaways And Product Samples

Giving away free products or product samples is always a good way to garner extra publicity and goodwill. For example, you can offer free introductory products in the shop, on the street or during an exhibition event. Giveaways and presents work best if you choose an item that fits well with the recipient’s profile. For example, consider pens or presentation folders printed (presentatiemappen drukken in Dutch) with your company name for people who like to write down ideas or a free e-book or whitepaper for avid readers. By choosing products that your customers or associates will continue to use and by clearly stating the company name and your web address, you will remain visible to customers on an ongoing basis.

Is there a well-attended sports tournament in your hometown? Or is there a music festival nearby that appeals to a target group of interest to you? Then consider acting as a sponsor. Practice shows that the names of sponsors, either consciously or unconsciously, often stick in the memory of many visitors to an event. Giving away souvenirs and information material during the festival or tournament naturally ensures that you make an even more lasting impression.

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Create An Informative leaflet

With a leaflet, you can quickly and clearly convey what your company has to offer. Keep the text short and make sure the leaflet is attractively designed, for example by using nice photos and infographics. Also make sure the leaflet encourages people to take action. Think about visiting your shop to take advantage of a discount announced in the leaflet or visiting the website to see if they have won a prize.

Place An Advertisement Or Article In A Regional Newspaper

Regional newspapers and door-to-door magazines are often great promotional tools too. They offer different formats to bring your business to the attention of the readership. A traditional advertisement is one option, but an interview or so-called sponsored content (a publication that takes the form of a journalistic article) is likely to generate even more attention and interest. Such a production makes it possible, for example, to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at your organization and properly highlight your business philosophy.

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