Physical Therapy: Effective Uses for Pre Surgical Conditions and Improved Results

By Charlotte Miller

Many people think of physical therapy as something to address injuries after an accident, or maybe as a tool to help recovery after an operation. However, Mt Spokane physical therapy is also an excellent way to improve physical conditioning and prepare for surgery. Learn more about what is involved in pre-surgical physical therapy and why you should consider visiting a local PT clinic before undergoing an operation. 

Why It Is Important To Improve Your Physique Before Surgery

Any surgery, no matter how small or routine, can take a toll on the body. Even a week post-op with no physical activity can cause setbacks in your recovery. Additionally, if you are going into an operation with weakness or poor physical conditioning, then you may have trouble bouncing back from the procedure. 

It often helps to look at surgery as a physical task that you need to train for. You wouldn’t expect to be able to go out and run five miles without preparing for it, so you shouldn’t ask your body to undergo the physical strain of surgery without doing the same. Physical therapy is an effective and safe way to train for what is ahead. 

What Happens in Prehabilitation

The process of undergoing physical therapy conditioning before surgery is often called prehabilitation, or simply pre-hab. It is a process of improving physical conditioning to help the body better handle the physical toll of your anticipated operation. Prehab is also an excellent way to prepare your body for the post-operative work you will be asked to do. 

It can involve many of the same techniques employed in a post-surgical program. However, the goal is to improve physical conditioning to help you heal better after surgery. A comprehensive program will often include components of aerobic, flexibility, and strength training exercises.

Your physical therapist will tailor them to best prepare you for the upcoming procedure and to stay within safety guidelines mandated by your current condition. For example, if you are scheduled for a knee replacement, gentle walking exercises coupled with a stretching routine can help build muscle and improve the range of motion in the affected joint. 

Expected Results Of Preconditioning

Every patient will experience different results from physical therapy; however, there are a few general expectations you can have when starting physical therapy bellevue wa. The primary goal is achieving better physical conditioning to improve post-surgical results. Patients often also experience the following results after a rehabilitation program and surgery:

  • Increased range of motion in affected joints
  • Improved health markers 
  • Less need for in-patient physical therapy after surgery
  • Shorter recovery time 

Combined, these results can help you heal faster and more effectively after surgery. For example, strengthening the muscles in your legs so you have normal or near-normal function before a knee replacement gives you greater mobility after the procedure. 

If you have surgery planned in the near future, consider talking to your healthcare provider about whether prehabilitation is a good choice for you.  if so, a quick search for PT clinics near me can help point you in the direction of a qualified therapist in your area.