Personalized Coupon Marketing Strategies: Give Discounts, Get Customers

By Juliet D'cruz

A personalized coupon marketing strategy can become the perfect way for developing your business since it allows you to gain your customers’ attention by offering them what they want.

Additionally, thanks to this method, you can connect with your customers more personally and turn them into loyal ones. You can get additional benefits from using a personal coupon marketing strategy, and we’re here to discuss precisely that. 

So, fasten your belts. We are taking off through the journey about personalized coupon marketing strategy. But, first of all, let’s quickly go over some essential discount marketing strategies that have proved to work perfectly.

Custom Coupon Marketing Strategies

One of the most effective methods to increase your online sales is implementing personalized discount and coupon marketing strategies within your business operations.

Let’s go over some common ones. 

  • Personalized discounts

A rule of thumb is that everyone likes to be treated specially and get a more personalized approach. So, why don’t you use this fact for boosting your sales? 

Personalized discounts are a great way to show how much you care about your customer’s interests, preferences, and needs. There are many anonymous story viewer customers who are very much interested in your service. You must do proper research about them to give them a good treat. Based on your research to learn more about your customer, you can use these types of discounts and coupons to show some individual treatment and reward your customers. Personalized discounts allow you to learn about your customers’ preferences and put your effort towards fulfilling them, hence, boosting your sales. For example, you can offer them special discounts on their birthday, or simply send a small gift during the Holidays.

Keep in mind that the more you learn about your audience, the easier it will be to create a successful coupon marketing strategy. 

  • Digital coupons

Another helpful method for reaching out to your customers is providing them with digital coupons. Generally, digital coupons are the same as traditional paper coupons, and the only difference is that they are found online.

Thanks to these electronic coupons, your customers can get discounts when purchasing products from your shop. Nowadays, more and more brands are actively investing in digital coupons since they help keep customer engagement high by providing personalized offers and discounts. Additionally, according to several types of research, the users of digital coupons are more likely to come back and buy new items regularly.

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  • Influencer marketing

Not long ago, we did not know what influencer marketing was. Today, we live in the era of influencers. Business owners simply can’t miss this opportunity with so many people becoming influencers in different niches and industries. 

But how can you align your influencer and coupon marketing strategies? So, after conducting the negotiations with your influencer, you should discuss the process of how you want coupons to be presented on their posts or stories. For example, they can mention your product in their posts and tell their followers that they can get an additional discount by providing a coupon which can be found in their post description.

Influencer marketing is an effective technique to promote your personalized coupons as it allows you to reach out to new and broader audiences. So, make sure to dig in and find the right influencers in your business niche to achieve better results. 

  • Limited time offers

One of the most effective ways for getting the benefits provided by personalized coupons is using them during specific seasons and holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. This works simply because it creates a sense of urgency. Here, you can also use date-specific coupons, which will allow your buyers to make purchases from your store during the period set by you and get additional discounts. 

Another example of a limited-time offer is to let your customers know that they can only get a 50% discount on several categories of products today. Or to stress that the offer is available solely by 5 p.m., so hurry up!


By summarizing our talk about personalized coupon marketing, we can say that the advantages provided by this strategy are enormous and can help online sellers boost their sales, increase the number of customers, and get mind-boggling success for your business. 

Your task is to pick the one which suits you more or combine all of them to keep a positive balance in your sales. Moreover, this will help create and maintain a loyal audience base willing to return and purchase from you again.

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