NetbaseQuid And Social Media Monitoring

By Juliet D'cruz

Social media monitoring is the act of using tools to view and notice the content published with a company’s particular name or the name of its products. This is important because companies spend years developing a brand image that is effective. The speed of the internet has caused businesses to experience identity problems. Any person in any place with the use of the internet can damage the image of a brand that took years to create.

Feedback and Sentiment

Social media monitoring involves more than just identifying negative mentions. It can also effectively determine the feedback and sentiment of a company’s customers in real-time. Knowing the feelings a customer base has about a company’s products and services makes it possible to know what must be done to improve. This could give a business an advantage over its competition.


The number of tools available to monitor a company’s brand on social media is increasing at a rapid pace. On a basic level, these tools can look for any content published with a company’s brand name. It is possible to issue alerts when a company’s brand is discussed. The ability to identify the name of a company’s brand over many channels is an excellent way to control the narrative concerning a brand. Some social monitoring can help with reputation management, identify trends and gauge customer’s sentiment. It provides a powerful insight into the strength of a company’s brand. This is an excellent way for a company to measure the effectiveness of its marketing efforts.


Social media monitoring tools are designed to scan the web for specific keywords chosen by the company. These tools are always indexing web content. This is an effective way for it to obtain important results. Doing this makes monitoring the band of a company an easy task. The important thing is to provide the best keywords or search terms that will provide the desired results.

Regular Monitoring

Proper monitoring of a company’s brand needs to be done every day. Some may believe this could be too much, but news can develop with lightning speed on the internet. The information provided from social media makes it necessary for a company to always be aware of what is happening. Alerts can be designed based on product names, domains, keywords, author’s name as well as sharing links to content created in the name of a brand, and more. This is a simple way to know what is happening to a brand online. Alerts can be emailed to a company whenever they are triggered. This makes it possible for a company to focus on improving their brand and have social monitoring do the legwork.

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What To Identify

A company will want to identify good and bad mentions associated with its brand. A sentiment analysis feature enables a company to learn about the attitudes of its customer base. This will be measured in neutral, positive, or negative. This is accomplished by identifying words used by customers and ways the brand is mentioned. A company may look closely at positives and negatives, but also should look at the neutral sentiment. This provides a clear picture of how a market is responding to a company’s business.


It may take time for a company to gain meaningful insights from the results of social media monitoring. It is possible to use the monitoring results to make important changes. A company must develop a process for this to benefit them. Monitoring can be done on Facebook for product reviews, LinkedIn for recruiting, Twitter for general comments, Instagram for information exchange, Reddit for general discussions, and more.

Social media monitoring provides a way for a company to know what people think and feel about its brand. This monitoring is most effective when a proven tool is used to track keywords and other things that measure customers’ sentiments. To gain the full benefit, a company must develop a successful method of interpreting the results. This information can then be used to improve a company’s brand experience, products, services, and more.  

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