Learning English for Professional Purposes: Do these 6 things now

By Juliet D'cruz

The English for academic purposes is a certificate program that helps students to refine their written and verbal communication skills. These skills are deemed important by employers and are difficult to master if English is one’s second or third language. English for professional purposes, as the name suggests, is different from the English that is used on an everyday basis. Through this program, students learn about the fundamental concepts of grammar, social practices, and usages. It focuses more on the public communication and English skills that are crucial for teamwork. 

Read on to learn the top 6 things you can do now to improve your English for professional purposes. 

  1. Be Specific When Looking for a Dictionary

Picking a dictionary is important in learning any language but being specific will allow you to learn words that are more specialized and used in a formal setting. For example, dictionaries on medicine, computing, or law will have their jargon and is a great place to start and learn the jargon. You can also avail yourself of reference books that meet your specialization. You can also buy profession-specific reference books or dictionaries on bookstores or Amazon. You will learn words that go beyond informal conversations and are more specific. 

  1. Read Trade Magazines or Industry-specific Blogs

As a learner of English for professional use, you must ensure that your reading material is relevant. For instance, reading lifestyle blogs may not be helpful unless you want a career in the fashion industry. Instead, choose industry-specific blogs or trade magazines to learn about the common terminologies and nature of the language used in a professional setting. EFP aims to improve English skills for professionals.

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  1. Listen to Professional Podcasts

English podcasts are a quick and smart way to improve your listening skills. The merit of listening lies in the fact that it enhances one’s language skills. You can listen to podcasts to learn English used for business communications as well as for everyday conversations. If you research, you may also find one that meets your interests. Podcasts are also a brilliant way to amp one’s vocabulary. The British Council’s professional podcast is a great place to start. Besides podcasts, you can also listen to interviews, real-life presentations, and a lot more. Make use of these resources to upgrade your skills. 

  1. Make It a Goal to Attend an International Industry Conference

International conferences are an excellent way of getting to know like-minded people from your line of work. This stage sets you up to practice your English as you network. By networking with the right people at the right time, you will be able to remain ahead of all opportunities. 

Get started with your preparations early and earn your certificate. 

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