Key things you should know before you decide to purchase contact lenses

By Albert Howard

There are several advantages to using contact lenses rather than glasses. Contact lenses don’t block your natural vision, they tend to have a wide field of view, and many more. 

No wonder, many people are now preferring contact lenses.  But you should remember that there are certain restrictions and aspects to using these contact lenses that you need to be aware of. This article discusses the key things you should know before you decide to purchase contact lenses.

A contact lens prescription is brand specific

A prescription for contact lenses always has a specific brand. The eye care provider does this because they use that exact contact lens when it comes to the fitting and follow-up to make sure that it functions properly. It’s worth noting that different contact lens brands use different materials. Therefore, just because a certain brand uses a similar diameter and base curve, it doesn’t mean that it can fit the same. 

You should always wear the same brand that they have prescribed to avoid medical problems as well as allergic reactions to various materials used. Utilizing the same brand can also help you know the contact lenses you need if an emergency occurs and you want a replacement set right away. You can visit to see different brands of contacts.

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Colored lenses need a prescription

Because colored lenses are used for decorative or cosmetic purposes, some people don’t know that they need a prescription before they decide to wear contact lenses. Non-corrective colored lenses can still have similar safety and health risks as corrective ones, so make sure that you get the right fit and material type before wearing them.  

Non-corrective contact lenses often have 0.00 power, though they still need to be tried and tested before prescribing them. Some doctors can sometimes prescribe what is called non-toric colored contacts to people with astigmatism. However, they may still not be that good compared to the corrective toric lenses.

Follow your wear schedule

If the eye care provider prescribes a new set of contacts, they can also provide a wear schedule that recommends you the length of time you have to wear contact lenses each day. There are various wear schedules for soft and hard contacts. The same applies to the daily, bi-weekly, and monthly guidelines for the wear schedule that you have to follow so that you can prevent eye irritation and other eye issues. 

Most wear schedules begin with restricted time for the first couple of days to allow your eyes to adjust to the contacts. After this period, there is usually a maximum period that you can wear contact lenses each day. And, your wear schedule can also come with some information about how to utilize an enzymatic cleaner and when to use it as well as the right care and storage instructions to make sure that your contacts are in perfect condition. 

You should also replace your contacts according to the wear schedule. Keep in mind that when you go to sleep, don’t wear contacts unless it’s an overnight lens. It’s still a good idea to remove your contact lenses each day to allow your eyes to breathe.

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