iTop VPN: free VPN for Windows

By Juliet D'cruz

VPNs have become a necessary part of our daily life. They help us in protecting our identity by blocking trackers and also in changing the IP address. Out of all the VPNs, iTop VPN is the most popular VPN services which can be used by individual and companies both. This is especially popular among gamers and streaming services because it provides no lag internet accessibility. 

No lag internet access

It has over 1,000 services that are spread among 100 + countries. For each location, it has multiple services available that ensure you always get low ping due to the nearest and fastest server. The military-grade protection provided by it makes the service extra concerned about its customers’ privacy. 

Features of iTop VPN

  • It encrypts all your data and your internet activities into a secure tunnel so that no attacker or any marketing agency can spy and steal your data for their gains.
  • The server itself even does not store any data and it removes your identity for the best safety and security by deleting your tracers. 
  • This is a special free VPN for Windows because social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest go the extra length to track your identity.
  • Most of the free VPN does not work on and even misuse your location, protecting your privacy but this best free VPN for Windows has created a special service that is effective against social media tracking of their customers. 
  • Therefore, you can browse the internet and social media without opening up your identity and risk in your social media account into them. 

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iTop VPN- most recommended free VPN

This is among the best free VPN for Windows providers that are always available for you and work at their top speed. There are multiple free VPN services available by the servers for the USA or the other world. They are the most efficiently working service that gives you protection and safety with every use. 

You can easily download and secure threats about using the internet. It has multiple platform support for many devices and you can use iTop VPN on up to 5 devices at the same time, which is more than enough to be used by a single individual. So whether you want to use the VPN on any device you can use it separately and simultaneously. The other reasons to love iTop VPN may include the fast-downloading tendency of the popular streaming services and reduce internet availability on social sites. The banned sites could also be accessed by using this server and the speed and protection are just unmatched. 

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Final verdict

It gives you supreme privacy with unlimited bandwidth and the strongest protection. Its amazing features like kill switch, load-on-start-up, and security protocols make it extra secure and intractable all the time. Grabbing this VPN for windows gives you the right to unblock websites streaming content and even protect your identity online. iTop VPN gives extra excess on the data and removes your personalization from the data that is it deletes your traces from the website. 

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