Insulin Resistance: Healthy Diet Tips

By Juliet D'cruz

In this generation of technology, the world has progressed in different industries, from education to economics and health. As a result, we have reached a level where we are unceasingly discovering innovative solutions for the encountered obstacles or issues. Medicine is among the compelling pieces of evidence which have progressively developed. We will go over examining one of the conditions and solutions of Insulin related symptoms.

What is insulin and the related health condition?

Before moving on to more details about the conditions and ways of resisting them, let’s first perceive what Insulin is about. Insulin is a hormone in the living organism responsible for the consumption of Glucose sugar found in many foods containing carbohydrates. Insulin is produced in Pancreas with two primary functional responsibilities. The first one acts as a catalyst enzyme that will help the digestive system break down the consumed carbohydrates into Glucose. This sugar glucose is eventually absorbed into the bloodstream as an energy source for mobile body activities. Subsequently, the secondary function of insulin is to contribute to balancing the level of glucose found in your blood. The importance of insulin is to signal that your body stores the glucose excess into the liver and releases it from the liver when there is a deficit. This course of action happens when the body is reacting to stress, needs additional energy, or simply between meals.

Insulin Resistance

One of the main issues concerned with Insulin is the commonly used term “Diabetes.” This condition reflects the disturbance of emitting sufficient amounts of insulin from the pancreas. There are mainly two categories of this Diabetes condition. The first type refers to the immune system of the body destroying all the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and thus not making insulin itself. The second type pertains to the minimal effects of insulin because of the body’s resistance to it. Therefore the body overproduces insulin which over time generates health conditions. 

Here fits the concept of insulin resistance with the second type of diabetes, where the pancreas overproduces insulin to help glucose absorb the cells. This results in the malfunctioning or the lack of proper responses that the body fat, our muscles, and most importantly, the liver loses the balance of the amount of glucose found in our body and can’t easily take up glucose from the blood. The insulin resistance issue is the most common scenario among both types as the statistical implications show that 9% among all the Americans are diagnosed with Diabetes, where 91.2% of them are suffering from the insulin resistance type of Diabetes (2nd Type) as published in the British Medical Journal.

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Types of Insulin Treatment and reactions

Scientists have never halted from investigating different techniques to find solutions for this health condition. These conditions are related to the glucose level found in our bodies and are subject to swift volatility with the human body activity of different intensity. As a result, several reactions can be exhibited to the related symptoms such as fatigue, loss of consciousness, skin paleness, sweating, and many others… Therefore, diabetes is a hormonal issue that can be solved solely through the following intakes:

  • Medical Injections

Medical injections are proper solutions for both types of diabetes. They act as either replacements for the body’s produced insulins like the patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or simply a supplement to the existing ones which are being resisted by the body’s immune system, like in the case of type 2 diabetes.

  • Proper Healthy Diets with Tips

Healthy diets are among the ultimate solutions for dealing with diabetes on a long-term prospect. The most convenient diet is choosing the ideal nutritious meals that your body can benefit from for the diabetes diet. Yet, The utmost guidance provided and recommended by doctors is the Glycemic Index Food List with healthy carbohydrates, fish, “good” fats, and fiber-rich foods like:

  • Fruits like avocados.
  • Vegetables like broccoli 
  • Legumes like beans and peas
  • Whole grains
  • Low-fat dairy products like milk and cheese
  • Nuts
  • Olive, peanut oil, and Canola

This proper diet includes necessary nutrients avoidance like Saturated and Trans fats, Cholesterol and Sodium. Here are the most common instances of such nutrients:

  • Animal proteins like butter, sausage, bacon, beef, hotdogs 
  • Processed snacks like chips, baked foods.
  • Animals’ high-fat proteins like egg yolks, other organs meat like liver.

Besides the proper alimentary regime, there are also methods to quickly react to the symptoms of diabetes and stop the effect with only 15 grams of rapidly impacting carbohydrates. It is equivalent to, for instance, half a cup of non-diet soda or fruit juice, five lifesaver candies or two tablespoons of raisins, and many others.


Overall, this chronic disease of Diabetes has been researched and examined to find a cure ultimately. So far, mainly, medical injection plays an instant role in regulating the glucose level. Yet, The proper healthy diet recommended by the doctors mitigates the risks of such blood sugar volatility and strengthens the body for any conditions encountered. After all, we need to make sure to keep ourselves healthy and take care of our bodies. 

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