India Gate Flours: Fresh Chakki Atta

By Juliet D'cruz

We are what we eat. Why not be fresh and healthy? 

India Gate fresh chakki atta, a segment of Vikram Roller Flour Mills Limited, is one of the most respected names in the Agro and FMCG sectors. Renowned for their fast and high quality manufacturing, packaging and delivery processes, India Gate is the trusted choice of FMCG suppliers and many bakery brands.

With exceptional clients such as Haldirams, Reliance, Roseate Market, Munafa Mart, Crown Plaza Hotels, and many more, India Gate has set up new hallmarks in the name of quality and trust for more than 40 years.

India Gate’s Mission:

India Gate has a mission to achieve an accomplishment of successful delivery to our end client through the workforce sharing a vision to support the Indian Ecosystem.

With a multitude of fresh products, India gate does not only contribute to the growing economy of our nation but has also partnered with various FMCG giants to serve the people.

India Gate’s Vision:

Our vision is to gain prominent recognition amongst the most renowned FMCG companies that could help us reach maximum people with our supply. Our lookout is not just to provide better nutrition but also to cater to the young and ever-growing population of India. We have a clear vision to be the first choice in regards to wheat-based products and deliver quality items.

Table of Content: 

  1. History Of India Gate Fresh Chakki Atta
  2. A Different Flour For Every Occasion
  3. Why is India Gate at The Pinnacle of the FMCG Sector?
  4. Conclusion

History Of India Gate Fresh Chakki Atta

With over 40 years of serving the people, India Gate Fresh Chakki Atta is a renowned and trusted name and has stood up to the test of trust that the consumers have put into the brand.

First registered back in 1978, India Gate produced Atta, Maida, Rawa, Suji and Bran. The brand then went on to expand their manufacturing centres all over the country, and worked on attaining a sustainable essence to their products. 

The company was then rebranded and renewed the trademark on 3rd of November, 1993. Whilst providing the consumers with a steady supply of premium quality products, and excellent marketing strategies, India Gate has paved a straight path towards success. 

Good work ethics and being true to quality has worked out exceptionally well for the company and has made the brand a national leader in the Agro and FMCG sector.

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A Different Flour For Every Occasion

By building a strong connection with the consumer, and making all processes hassle-free, India Gate has committed to give the brand that extra edge, making it stand out from the rest, both in quality and customer satisfaction.

With a wide range and plethora of sub categories to choose from, India Gate provides consumers with farm fresh products. India Gate deals in the following wheat product categories: 

  • India Gate Fresh Chakki Atta: 

Made using only the best quality wheat grains, that is filtered, processed, and then runs through several quality assurance checks to ensure the flour is supplied in the perfect texture that their customers love and enjoy.

  • India Gate Semolina: 

Only the most standardized size grains are chosen that make for great sooji recipes.

  • India Gate Wheat Dalia:

By processing cracked wheat in huge quantities, Dalia or wholesome wheat is made. Granules are of diverse sizes for various types of dalia.

  • India Gate Refined Maida:

A patent of India Gate, refined wheat flour is made of high grade ingredients to give the best taste and nourishment.

  • India Gate Rawa:

Made with fine wheat granules, rawa or durum wheat flour is also the choice of many happy India Gate customers.

  • India Gate Wheat Bran:

One of the most nutritious parts of the crop, bran is rich in dietary fibers and many essential fatty acids. Bran is made when wheat flour, maida or sooji is finely ground.\

Why is India Gate at The Pinnacle of the FMCG Sector?

With a strong commitment to serving only the best quality products, India Gate is helping make India healthier!

  • Professional Ethics: 

Willingness to serve all consumers nothing but the best has helped India Gate form lifelong relationships with them, that works out in mutual benefits.

  • Product Quality: 

With the help of technology and a team of researchers, India Gate has come up with world renowned methods of manufacturing and delivering their wheat products. 

All products undergo a quality check, and no product is compromised upon to deliver only the best.

  • Natural and Organic Methods:

India Gate does not encourage the use of any chemicals in their products and keeps all organic levels in check through the manufacturing processes.

  • Automated Equipment: 

All latest machinery and equipment is used to maintain quality, and aid India Gate in developing more efficient, precise and quality boosted ways to manufacture their products.


Hailing from a country with a rich cultural heritage, all good food resembles the flavour of tradition. With all natural ingredients, India Gate has been making India healthier for over 40 years, using only the finest of ingredients, to boost the pleasure in your meals. 

With a diverse range of wheat flours, India gate has withstood the test of time and delivered the best to all their consumers. 

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