Improve student participation in class: tips to follow 

By Juliet D'cruz

Asking and giving answers, doubts, relatable information, and any piece of knowledge in the classroom with teachers and other batchmates is known as participation. To understand what a teacher is teaching and achieve academic success, classroom participation is important for all learners. The benefits of active participation in the learning environment are 

  • A better understanding of the lessons. 
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • improvement in communication skills. 
  • Increases active listening skills. 
  • Improved interaction with teachers and among peers. 
  • Helps in better doubt resolution 

By reading these benefits, we can make out the importance of class participation for students. The teacher’s goals and objectives of making students excel in education are also achieved. Let us discuss some tips which students can follow to participate more. We will also be talking over some tips which teachers can follow in this regard. 

Tips for students to participate more in classes 

  1. Actively listen 

One of the main reasons behind students being less participative in the class is that they don’t listen to the teachers well. Because of inappropriate, inattentive, and less active listening skills, students miss what a teacher is explaining. This further affects their understanding of the topics. 

This makes them not relate to the questions raised by a teacher and they tend to participate less. Instead of this, all students must focus and listen actively to what a teacher is teaching. Whether learning in online live classes or traditional classrooms this tip will surely help.   Better understanding, relating, and answering in the class can be achieved by students this way. 

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  1. Get your doubts cleared 

When one has doubts and queries and the mind is not clear about a concept, understanding is affected. With poor understanding, students can’t answer well and their interaction and participation in the classroom are reduced. All students must focus on getting their doubts properly cleared. Many students fear asking the teachers. But this must be avoided by them. Teachers are there to guide you only. See the right timing and ask teachers your doubts. 

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up 

Many students fear speaking in public, which can be due to a lack of confidence in their communication skills or the fear of being judged or criticized. Speech therapy for kids is an effective way to help them overcome these fears and develop their communication skills. A speech therapist can work on the child’s pronunciation, fluency, and speaking confidence.

To create a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable and encouraged to participate, it is important for teachers to provide opportunities for students to speak up and contribute, and provide constructive feedback that helps them improve their knowledge and skills.

 They have a fear that speaking something incorrect may lead to judgment and criticism. But these all are wrong assumptions. Take the classroom as a positive learning environment and speak whatever is linked to the topic. Teachers will help them to improve and add more to their knowledge. This will surely improve their class participation. 

  • Focus on doing better self-studies 

To participate better in classes, effective self-studies are very essential. For example, by reading a lesson or topic in advance which the teacher is going to start in the next class, you can relate and participate more in classes. Doing homework, revising the topics which are completed in the classes can help students in this regard. 

Tips for teachers to improve student participation 

  • Use technology to teach 

Today’s kids enjoy technical advancement a lot. Textbooks and guides are not very engaging for them. Teachers should also use technology in their classrooms to enhance participation. With the help of audiovisual tools, students understand better. Any education app can be used by teachers to access these technical teaching resources.  Using PowerPoint presentations, modules, picture cards, educational videos, etc can help. 

  • Ask questions in between the lectures 

To make classes participative, teachers should avoid lecturing continuously. Involve students and make them speak up too. The best way to do this is by asking questions in between teaching the lessons. Ask what they understood, or share any relevant example to the topic being taught, etc. 

  • Break the longer lectures 

We all know that not all students have a long attention span. Continuous long lectures, back to back classes make students physically and mentally tired. This affects their concentration and class participation. By using LMS teachers can manage to conduct the lectures in such a way that students get some time to relax and rebuild their energy and focus to listen actively and participate better. 

  • Organize more interactive activities 

To improve student participation in the classes, giving them the opportunities to do so is very essential. Avoid the monotonous classes where students simply listen to your explanations. Having interactive activities such as debates, group discussions, recitations, question rounds, and giving presentations can help. 


For successful teaching and learning, student participation in the classroom is very essential. By following the above-mentioned tips and techniques, students can enhance their participation in classes. We also discussed the tips which teachers can follow in this regard. 

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