Immediate steps to be taken by a car accident victim – Stay away from a medical crisis

By Albert Howard

Since it is true that accidents occur way too often these days, the driver may be extra watchful and still meet with a fatal car accident. You rarely have control over the other oncoming vehicle drivers and you never know when you might be in danger due to their mistake or negligence. 

A highly experienced personal injury lawyer will help you stay on track with your injury claim but before you seek the help of a professional, you should know what to do immediately after being involved in a car accident. If you have been the victim of an accident, you need to seek medical help immediately. Here are a few steps to take.


  • Stay put at the accident scene and stop all other vehicles asap
  • Turn off the engine of your car as this can prevent the risk of fire
  • Vehicles should be kept off the road in a safe place
  • Take stock of the entire scene and try to pull yourself and bring back your calm
  • Never try to move if you’re injured
  • Watch out for injuries and check on other passengers and also on yourself
  • Call the police and inform him whether or not anyone is injured

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Gathering information is important and hence you have to collect as many details as you can. Get a grip on the data of the other drivers, like their name and address, insurance details, phone numbers, driving license numbers, vehicle owner details, and company details. Also collect details on accident data and time, passenger data, driving conditions, and missed traffic signs. Click pictures of the scene.


  • Make the site of the accident clear and turn on your hazard lights
  • Check if there is a fuel leak and maintain a safe distance from your car
  • Keep away from other traffic and clear off all objects like bags and other belongings lying on the road
  • Avoid smoking as smoking might lead to fires if there is leaking fuel


  • Carry your personal belongings and keep them safe
  • Get a medical checkup done on time
  • Get in touch with your insurance company
  • Get the help of an attorney
  • Speak the truth


  • When you meet uncooperative people, get a hold over their license plate, photos, and description of the vehicle
  • In the case of another uninsured driver, you should get the driver’s and vehicle details 
  • Jot down the details, click photos, and take down the license plate number


Whenever the injured person or the victim isn’t moving and you find him in an awkward state, don’t further move him without getting enough support. You should understand and try to suspect spinal injuries. If you try to move him during a time when he has already injured his spine, this can put him in grave danger. 

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which you should react soon after a car accident, keep them in mind whenever you face one. 

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