How to Use SEO and Video Marketing Together

By Juliet D'cruz

Video content is a powerful tool for promoting your brand and strengthening your online presence. Marketers use videos to build a strong SEO strategy as search engines rank websites with video content first. According to the statistics, video has an online usage reach of over 90%, and the number of digital video viewers is projected to rise to 3.5 billion by the year 2023.These numbers are impressive so you do not have to wait to implement engaging videos in your marketing and SEO strategies. Read the article and explore effective SEO video marketing tips for your business’s success.

What Is Video Marketing?

For starters, let’s define what is video marketing to understand better how you can use it for your SEO. It is creating video content to promote your brand. There are different video marketing types, like a demo, behind-the-scenes, educational, how-to, customer testimonial videos, and more. Video marketing increases brand awareness, sales, and traffic. You can improve your SEO by creating engaging video content as it boosts your site quality and the time visitors spend on the page.

Why SEO and Video Marketing Work Best Together

Creating high-quality video content or strengthening SEO is not enough if you do them separately. In order to appear on the first page of Google, it’s necessary to use sound keywords and attractive content. But why are videos so important for your search presence? 

In order to find the right answer to this question, we need to consider two important SEO metrics. These are the time users spend on your site and the number of backlinks referring to your domain. And video marketing manages these tasks perfectly. 

People are more likely to consume engaging video content rather than read blog posts and long articles, and based on these preferences, Google prioritizes sites with videos. So let’s find out how to create a solid video SEO strategy.

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Tips to Boost Your SEO With High-Quality Video

These tips will help you optimize your video marketing effort as people will not stay long on your site if your content is of poor quality. Move on and generate engaging videos to grab your audience’s attention and rank high in search engine lists. Click here for a Free gif generator by Adobe Express.

Know Your Audience’s Needs 

Before you start creating your SEO marketing video, find out what can engage your target audience. Do a survey and find their interests and level of expertise to generate relevant content. You can also check what your potential customers search online and, based on the findings, plan your videos. Now you can prepare hardware for recording. It’s possible to create a high-quality video even with your smartphone if you use the appropriate editing software, like a free video cutter and good music. 

Choose the Right Keywords

Adding proper keywords to your video title, description, and thumbnail helps search engines indicate what your video is about and display it in search results high. Try to make keywords look natural in your title and description. Make the textual elements engaging so that words drive people to action to watch the video. There are many keyword research tools that will help you find the right keywords for your marketing video. You should look for latent semantic indexing keywords to achieve a good search position.

Transcribe the Video

A video transcript facilitates search engine optimization as search engines better understand your content to present it to the audience. You can do it manually or use special transcribing tools or YouTube’s free captioning feature. It’s also a good way to make your video content accessible to people who cannot watch or listen to it for some reason. It’s recommended to add subtitles to your video using a subtitle generator. Captions boost conversion, views, and sales, so do not hesitate to make such a cheap and efficient investment in your SEO video marketing strategy.

Use Schema Markup

Implementing video schema markup will help you make your video content visible in search engines and increase traffic. The search engine will show your video as rich results and provide additional information like title, thumbnail, length, description, and date on the results page. You can use WordPress plugins to set up video schema on your site. It’s recommended to embed videos on your website, use lazy loading, and optimize your video to stand out and attract more visitors.

Add Chapters to Videos

Timestamps or chapters improve user experience and boost SEO ranking as search engines show searchers the most relevant chapters. Having a video transcript, you will easily add relevant chapters to the video. You can upload your video to YouTube, which generates video chapters automatically. Split your video into chapters and benefit from high SEO ranking and increased sales. Visit to get the latest information related to video editing.

Measure Performance

Adding video content to your site, you should measure its performance. It will help you find out what viewers prefer the most and, based on these findings, create your content plan. Pay attention to such metrics as pageviews, unique pageviews, time on page, and bounce rate to determine the video’s success. The best tool for evaluating website traffic is Google Analytics. YouTube Creator Studio is another popular service for measuring your video performance. 


We hope these SEO video marketing tips will help you boost profit and achieve success. Do not wait to create engaging video content right now and improve your website ranking. Right keywords and informative content will improve SEO and attract more visitors to your site. 

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