How to repair corrupted photos

By Juliet D'cruz

Pictures are how we preserve memories. They are like our anecdotes from an important moment. They can remind us of a story, a place, our pasts, the person we used to be, or how we have changed. 

But when they get corrupted, it’s like everything has gone away, and there’s no method to get it back. It’s sad. You want your photos to be clear, safe, and reserve their qualities.

In this article, we will see how you can repair photos. For example, some people say Keepsafe corrupted my pictures. Well, we will talk about how to fix them in 4 steps.

What makes the photo corrupted? 

Some of the reasons corruption photos are preventable. So let’s talk about them and learn to avoid such mistakes again. 

  • Corrupted file system

The file system where you save your photo gets corrupted while you’re working on those photos. Maybe this happens in the form of a system crash, or your device loses power unexpectedly. Either way, your images get corrupted when you try to access them again. 

  • Bad storage sector

Bad sectors are the areas on your device that have been badly affected. The common cause of a bad sector is when an area of storage media becomes non-writable or inaccessible because the optic disc continues to accumulate damages. You can solve it with photo repair software, and I will explain it elaborately later. 

  • Scratching or damaging the CDs/DVDs

Although many people don’t use these forms of storage anymore, it’s important to know that any damage on the surface of such a disc would affect the files saved on them. Therefore, if you are thinking about using them, you should protect their surfaces all the time. 

  • Data degradation 

If you use a hard drive, the drive will lose its magnetic orientation over time. Therefore, the file you stored on it gets corrupted. For instance, severe heat or humidity or other adverse conditions can cause degradation in the media. 

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  • Silent degradation 

It happens when you try to read or write new data on a file. It is called undetected data corruption or silent data degradation because there is no sign that the written data is accurate. 

  • Photo format is incompatible.

This is common when the photo is saved in an unsupported format and the device you are trying to view it can’t open it. You need to check the details of the file and see the form. Does your device support that?

Common ways to repair corrupted photos

  1. Change the file format. 

So the file you are trying to access is stored in JPEG, and you can’t view it? Convert it to another format like PNG. 

You can change the file type using a photo viewing app on your device. Select Save As when the file is open, choose the new format you want and select Save. You can also do this by changing the “.JPEG” at the end of the file name to something new like “.PNG”.

  1. Change the name

The name of the device can sometimes be the problem. So edit it without changing the file format (which is something like “.Jpg” or “.png”). Then, try to open the file again. 

  1. Perform the CHKDSK

This process is one of the ways to fix corrupted photos that get damaged because of bad sectors. This is how to go about it: 

  • Attach the memory card to your device
  • Type COMMAND in window search 
  • Click on the command prompt that pops up after that. 
  • Let the repair complete, then restart your pc. 
  1. Use a different new image viewer. 

Sometimes, you can’t tell if the image viewer is the problem. Try a different option and see if the photos open. If it does, try to save it again in a new folder. 

  1. Repair the image with a software

This is easier than all the methods we have mentioned earlier. You don’t have to try several things to know the problem. Instead, you can upload and get it fixed in a minute or two. 

How to repair corrupted photos with Repairit? 

One of the common complaints we see is, keepsafe corrupted my pictures. What should I do?

One of the ways you can do this is to install a device that lets you get your photos back when it gets damaged. 

You can follow these 3 simple steps to repair the book: 

Add the photos to the software

  • Launch the software 
  • You will have the “Add” button on the center of the screen. Click on it. 
  • Select the corrupted photo you want to fix. 

Repair it

  • You will see the repair button on the lower right. Click on it. 
  • The repair process will start soon. 

Preview and Save

Once the repair is complete, preview and save it. You will find both buttons beside each other. 

First, click preview. Once you are satisfied with the repaired photo, select save. 

Final words

Now it is up to you. You can fix corrupted photos, protect the memories you have on them, and never be afraid of losing them ever again when you have tools like Repairit. It’s a great decision: think about how sad it is to lose an important moment you believe has been captured forever.

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