How to Make Your Power Tools Last Longer?

By Juliet D'cruz

Power tools are very useful for different types of jobs and activities. Also, quality power tools are a great investment for life. Therefore, if you decided to invest in the right tools, you also need to know how to take care of them properly, so they can serve you well for years and last as long as possible. Taking good care of your power tools allows you to save a lot of money because you will not have to purchase new ones. Proper maintenance does not only extend the life of tools but also makes any project and repair much easier and safer. 

Here is a list of several tips that you should follow in order to make your power tools last longer:

Clean Your Tools After Use

Many people overlook this important part of maintaining power tools and forget to clean them regularly. It is necessary to remember that debris and dust shorten the lifetime of tools. Small particles can make their way to the inside of tools and stick to their mechanical and electrical parts by causing deterioration and wear. 

For this reason, make sure you wipe your tools with a microfiber cloth after every use. However, make sure that the cloth you are using is not wet because moisture may have a negative impact on tools. In order to remove stubborn stains, you can use alcohol. 

Store Your Tools In Their Original Cases

Many power tools come in sturdy and hard cases. These original cases may look bulky and acquire a lot of space, but using them for storing your tools is the best thing you can do. Original cases may not protect tools from harsh environmental conditions, but they will definitely prevent their contact with moisture. 

If you do not have an original case, then make sure to store your tools in a dry and cool place. However, you should avoid sub-zero temperatures. In winter, it may be a good idea to store your tools in the basement when it is much warmer than in the garage. 

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Clean Motor Contact

The motor contact is one of the most important parts of any power tool, including air compressors, oscillating tools, saws, and sewing machines. If your tool has brushes, keeping it in a good shape is especially important. Make sure you check it regularly for any damage and replace it as soon as you notice a problem. You should clean the motor contact after every use in order to keep your tool in great condition and extend its lifetime. 

Tighten Screws And Bolts

It is important to check for loosening screws and bolts on your power tools. After using a tool, all screws and bolts tend to loosen a bit. If you do not tighten them, your tool can get damaged easily and become less efficient. Therefore, inspect your tools carefully after every use. You can use a special screw tightening tool to tighten them. 

Keep Your Tools Sharp

One of the best and easiest ways to help your power tools serve you as long as possible is to keep saw blades and bits sharp. Sharp power tools do not only last long but are also easier to use. Using tools with dull blades put excessive load on the motor. Therefore, sharpening your tools regularly is one of the most important parts of proper tool maintenance. If you are not sure how to sharpen them yourself, you can always have this done by a specialized company. 

Rub Your Tools With Oil 

In order to keep your tools clean and rust-free, you should rub them with oil. There are several types of oils you can use for this purpose: machine oils, mineral oil, or beeswax are usually a good choice. By covering tools, oils seal tools from moisture and air, which prevents rust formation. Moreover, rubbing your tools with oils makes them easier to use and clean. 

Check Battery Condition And Keep It In Shape

If you noticed that the battery of your cordless power tool runs down too quickly, it needs to be replaced. It is not a good idea to keep using a tool with a quick-draining battery because it places additional stress on the tool and hampers your work. For this reason, make sure to keep an eye on the battery condition and replace it on time in order to help your tool work properly and as long as possible. 

Always Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

It is extremely important to know and follow maintenance recommendations to get the level of reliability and durability of your power tool. Therefore, always read manufacturer guidelines thoroughly before starting to use the tool. Make sure to keep the original owners’ manuals easily accessible. If you lose or misplace manuals, you can always find them on the official manufacturers’ websites. 

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