How to Identify Workplace Harassment? 

By Albert Howard

Harassment is not uncommon and they happen with more frequency than you can think of. Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore has laid down some common forms of harassment and what you should do.

  • Workplace harassment may include physical, sexual, emotional, and mental harassment. 
  • Workplace harassment is not specified to any gender. Women, men, and any other gender are subjected to workplace harassment. 
  • In case you feel that you are being harassed at your workplace contact your human resources management as soon as you can. 

How to report workplace harassment?

If you are facing a non-violent situation at your workplace here are some steps that you need to follow:

  • If the harassment is not physical, talk to the perpetrator and try to solve the situation stating you are uncomfortable. Approach them and explain in a calm manner why you do not like their conduct and what is bothering you. If you feel that the situation is not well, in that case, ensure that you take someone along with you.
  • If the direct conversation is not working out, inform your immediate head or manager, only if your manager is not a perpetrator. Ensure that you gather evidence of the harassment. For example, record the comments, take screenshots if you are being harassed online, make videos, or take photos that will support your complaint. If your company is managed by HR software, find the portal to file the complaint.
  • If you feel that your complaints are being neglected, you can contact EEOC and your case will be looked after impartially. Or else you can contact workplace harassment and let them advocate for you on the case.

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What are the do-not in a workplace harassment case?

When you are dealing with workplace harassment there are certain thing that is best avoided:

  • Do not retaliate as it will add air to the fire further making the situation worse. Rather do what is diplomatically correct and inform HR.
  • Do not discuss the case randomly with everyone. The other employees are not in any situation in which they will be able to solve the situation. You can let only one of your trusted colleagues know about it to ensure that your safety is not threatened when you are alone. 
  • Do not keep it a secret and report it to the authority. Harassment is something that can hamper your mental peace, deal with it as soon as you can. 

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