How To Get People to Join Your Discord Server Instantly – A Beginners Guide 2024

By Charlotte Miller

Are you opening a new discord server and thinking about how to get people to join your discord server? No worries, we got you!

Getting people to join your new Discord server can be a challenge, especially when you’re just starting out. With so many Discord servers out there, it can be tough to get your server noticed. However, there are several effective tactics you can use to get people to join your discord server and build a thriving community.

In order to get people to join your discord server you need consistent branding, pre-launch prospecting, content planning, and regular giveaways to build a buzz in your community. In this comprehensive article, we will tell you exactly how to get people to join your discord server, way quicker than you thought. If you are in for it, let’s dive in.

Add Server to Discord Directories

No matter how much you want to get people to join your Discord server, this won’t happen until you register your server on the Discord server directory. Once your server gets listed on the directory, it will go live on the platform and will be visible to the general audience

Wondering how to get people to join your Discord server and gain more visibility? Add your server to common Discord directories like Disboard,, Discord Me, etc. These sites allow you to create a listing that will help potential members find your server when browsing or searching for servers to join. Make sure to choose directories frequented by your target audience.

Adding your server to a specific discord directory will make your server visible to more people and it will get people to join your discord server more frequently.

Share it on Social Media Platforms

After adding your server to Discord directories, the next thing you need to do to get people to join your Discord server is to promote it across your social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Share the invite link and give people a compelling reason to join. Social media provides a direct pipeline to engage with your existing followers and expand your reach.

Drop your invite link or create promotional posts in relevant Reddit subgroups aligned with your server topic. Reddit is home to many thriving niche communities already passionate about certain games, activities, causes, etc. Tapping into these subreddits can connect you with enthusiastic members.

Utilizing these social platforms will let you create a funnel of genuinely interested people. Reach out to them to get people to join your discord server and you can grow pretty much instantly.

Add an Attractive Description

Your Discord server description will be the first thing potential members see. Make sure it is appealing, well-written, and clearly explains the server’s purpose, topics, and community. An engaging description helps convert visitors into members so they want to check your server out.

Some server listings have server descriptions with little or no information about the server. In order to trust your servers, most members look at your server’s description. Hence, a server with no description will not attract potential members.

Make certain that the description of your server adequately contains:

  • The goals of your server
  • The members it wants to join
  • The concerns it serves

When your description provides clarity you can get more people to join your discord server and make it interesting to them.

Brand the Right Way

Have a nice server icon and introductory welcome message. This provides a good first impression when members join your server for the first time. A polished, organized look builds credibility and shows you are invested in your community.

Design visually appealing graphics to share on social media highlighting your Discord server’s benefits, events, etc. Images tend to drive more engagement and get people to join your discord server than plain text posts. Tools like Canva provide easy-to-use templates for creating eye-catching graphics within minutes.

Choose a name that communicates key information about your server in a catchy, recognizable way. Avoid using a generic name that blends in with other communities. You want something identifiable that will stick in people’s minds.


Think of a catchy and memorable name that is relevant to your server’s topic. It’s important that people can easily remember the name of your channel and instantly get what it’s about.

Avoid long or complex names because most often people will just avoid them. That’s why focusing on a perfect name is very important when you are trying to get people to join your discord server.


Your server avatar is the first thing people notice and get attracted to. Focus on making your avatar eye-catching to get people to join your discord server and make sure it is relevant to the topic of your channel.

For example: If your channel is about football, you can have an attractive photo related to football so that people clearly know what it’s about. This way you can get more people to join your discord server.

Custom Emotes

Emotes enliven and personalize conversations. Many members will want to know where they can get custom emotes like yours, which is an excellent method to increase invites. Consider using a free design tool like Canva to create custom emotes.

Promote Your Discord on Related Servers

Partnering with complementary servers can expose your community to engaged audiences. See if related servers will allow you to post an invite or ad for your server. Collaborating with similar servers on events or giveaways can also help cross-promote.

Search for Discord servers aligned with your interests and join a few lively communities in your niche. Engage actively on these servers to network and connect with people. Once you build relationships, you can invite them to check out your own server as well.

Beyond individual servers, you can also join and promote in broader Discord communities. Many social platforms have large general Discord groups. Facebook alone has several with over a million members each.

Getting your server visibility in massive Discord communities on social sites gives you access to tons of potential new members. Make sure to read and follow all promotion guidelines for each group before posting your invite link.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Include relevant hashtags like #multiplayer games, #Fortnite, #Overwatch, etc. when promoting your server on platforms that support hashtags. This makes it easier to show up in searches and be discovered by people interested in those topics.

Hashtags will help you to reach many people’s feeds and generate traffic to your server. If people find it relevant or interesting they will click on the hashtag and you can get more people to join your discord server.

Buy Discord Members

Growing a Discord server organically from scratch can be very time-consuming. As an expert shortcut, many server admins choose to buy Discord members from reputable providers to kickstart their growth.

Purchasing members is a fast and efficient way to increase your member count within days rather than weeks or months. However, you need to be careful, as there are also fake providers that don’t deliver what they promise.

Some agencies claim they will add tons of members to your server but fail to follow through. They take your money and leave you hanging. That’s why it’s crucial to only buy members from trusted, verified providers with a proven track record.

Do your research to find an established company known for reliable service and real, high-quality members. Check reviews and ask for case studies of previous campaigns they’ve run. A dependable provider can turbocharge your server growth right from the start.


Following these tips can help attract more people naturally through targeted promotion and quality engagement. Building a thriving Discord community takes time and consistency. Don’t get discouraged if growth is slow to start. With smart strategy and effort, you can get more people to join your discord server and engage with it.

Now that we are quite at the end of this journey, you have equipped yourself with the most useful strategies to get people to join your discord server. Remember to add your server to discord directories, and share it on all the social platforms you own, add an engaging description, and promote your server to related servers.

So, “How to get people to join your discord server?’’- Accurate branding is the way to go if you want to get people to join your discord server in a short amount of time. So, follow these expert tips and you are on your way to building a rejuvenating discord server of your own!