How to Create a Beautiful Oasis for Your Visiting Family and Friends in Your Very Own Guest Room

By Juliet D'cruz

Nothing feels more uncomfortable when you are visiting someone’s home and there’s no proper arrangement making you feel unwelcome. You can always do your part, by making your visiting friends and family not feel the same way, by building the perfect oasis for them in the guest room. Whether you have a separate space altogether or gather something up at the last minute, these tips will hopefully help you out in your goal.

Sleep is the Most Important

After having spent the entire day filled with fun and activities, everyone deserves a comfortable and peaceful night of sleep. And your first and foremost priority must be installing a comfortable double bed for your guests where they can settle in for a deep and comfortable slumber. Make sure to furnish it with plenty of pillows, soft and fresh bed sheets, and so on.

Give Them Privacy

Privacy is another primary concern when designing a guest room. If your guests don’t have minimal privacy it can end up being an exhausting stay for them, which you wouldn’t want on your hands. Furnish the room with darker curtains, dividers, and other accessories so that they can separate their space from the rest of the house if they feel the need to.

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Fresh Linens and Flowers

Nothing says welcome better than the fragrance of fresh flowers and the feel of fresh linens. Imagine staying in a hotel where the bed feels slept in and the towels look used. Not great? When your guests are offered the same treatment in your home they might feel the same way. Get a fresh set of linens, towels, cushions, etc. for the guest room. And maybe even add a little welcome note to the mix, declaring the necessities such as the Wi-Fi password and whatever you feel necessary.

Don’t Slag Off on the Furniture

No matter if your friends and family are staying over for a day or a week, don’t slag off on the furniture thinking it’s after all a temporary space. You can always use the room for your own when it’s not being used so why compromise? Get an elegant closet for them to keep their clothes and other luggage, get a dressing table where they can arrange their toiletries and get ready for the day, and so on.

Give Importance to Entertainment

If you are inviting your family and friends for a staycation they are of course going to spend the maximum time with you. But to create that ideal oasis in the guest room, it is also necessary to focus on accessories so that they can keep themselves entertained in the room when they aren’t sleeping. Keep a warm comfortable corner for their reading time, with a good selection of books and magazines. You can also add board games to the mix. Keep a TV set where they can relax and watch movies or listen to songs and so on.

Keep these tips in mind when you start arranging your guest room oasis for your visiting friends and family. Make sure to make them feel welcome and right at home, and for that, even the littlest measures can do wonders.

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