How to Choose Between Trello Project Management vs Jira Project Management Tool

By Albert Howard

It is understandable if you are overwhelmed by the variety of products available in project management. Most businesses have to shortlist from dozens of options and then carefully go over their features before they settle on a choice. If you have narrowed it down to Trello and Jira then you are in luck. This article compares Trello project management vs Jira project management tool to give readers the context they need to make an informed decision.  

Both platforms are popular in the project management industry because they offer more benefits than drawbacks. Since these are two different products of Atlassian it is important to know what sets them apart. Continue reading to find out more about each software and how they measure up against one another in different areas.  


Jira is one of the leading project management tools by Atlassian. It is majorly used by software development and technical teams because of its robust issue tracking and project planning features. The system is designed to help teams become increasingly agile. It offers access to various dashboards and provides an overview of scrum or sprint processes.  

The Jira project management tool can support up to a thousand extensions and it can integrate with different third-party tools to increase functionality. Those teams that want to optimize their development workflow should consider Jira for their company. 


Trello is designed for general usage and can be used by companies from different industries. It is a user-friendly and lightweight tool that focuses on Kanban-style project management. It is easier to visualize the task flow with Trello and handle software development projects or marketing campaigns. This tool can promote collaboration between teams so users can complete the tasks on time or communicate with clients from the same platform. 

Trello software solves a lot of project management problems by allowing managers to track the progress of tasks. It can integrate with other software to enhance the project management experience for users.  

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Differences Between Trello Project Management vs Jira Project Management Tool 

Jira and Trello are both project management tools but have some key differences. Jira was designed to help software development teams and it has features that target agile methodologies and assist project managers working on technical projects. Meanwhile, Trello is intended for a much broader audience and offers different types of project tracking features. 

According to user reviews and expert statements, Jira can be used by non-technical teams such as customer complaint helplines. Although one downside is they have to be extensively trained on the platform. Trello offers a lot more functionality than most people think and when combined with other third-party software or the built-in power-ups it can take care of a lot of project management challenges.  

Trello Project Management vs Jira Project Management Tool – A Closer Look 

The article will not be complete without looking at several features of both platforms in detail. This will help readers make up their minds about the software.  


Businesses have many choices when it comes to data storage but recently the most popular one is cloud-based data hosting. It is the better choice as opposed to saving the data on a private network. There are several advantages and disadvantages of either method and the choice between cloud hosting or on-premises hosting depends on multiple factors.  

Those who are looking for an on-premises solution should not go for Trello because it is a web-based version. They can select the Jira tool for its on-premises version and pay an annual hosting fee. However, it is important to remember these services are expected to be discontinued in 2024.  

Pricing Plans 

Cost is a very important factor to consider when choosing project management software. There are various plans included for both Jira and Trello. However, it is important to remember the total expenses depend on the total number of users in the team. The basic pricing for Jira starts at $10 per user per month and it provides access to a number of useful features.  

Trello software has a free plan for an unlimited number of users and it provides users with the support they need to execute small projects. However, for access to advanced features teams will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Both platforms only offer basic features in their starting plan and enterprise pricing is only available on request.  

Agile, Scrum and Kanban 

Agile and Scrum are leading project management methodologies because most teams are moving towards lean project management approaches. The project management tool they select should be able to adapt to their needs and have the customization options to fulfill their requirements. Jira tool and Trello are both Scrum and Kanban-friendly and offer various dashboard, board, and card view features to help users manage team tasks.  

Project Management 

When it comes to project management both Trello project management vs Jira project management tool deliver. Jira offers more advanced features such as time tracking, reporting, and issue tracking to help teams keep up with updates from other members. 

Software Integration 

Trello supports third-party integrations for its Kanban board and users can connect GitHub, Slack, and Usersnap to the interface. Jira offers more variety in integration with third-party tools. Users also have access to a wide Atlassian library which includes extensions for different features or functionalities.  

Trello Project Management vs Jira Project Management Tool – Conclusion 

Those who are looking for a comprehensive and customizable project management solution should choose the mid-sized issue tracking tool Jira. This is one of the most popular options to help manage large-scale projects and teams. However, it requires businesses to follow an extensive onboarding process which costs time and money. Although Jira costs more it is a blessing for technical teams and those who want a robust platform.  

Businesses looking for a user-friendly task management solution for their small setup should consider Trello. It is the best choice for someone who wants a simple but well-designed user interface. Smaller teams can easily get started and begin their digital transformation with this platform. 

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