How to Choose a Real Estate Sign for Your Agency: Tips from Manufacturers

By Juliet D'cruz

Real estate signs: secrets of successful advertising

The design of outdoor advertising is an important moment for any realtor. According to statistics, it is street ads that attract the most attention from potential buyers. How to make a memorable real estate sign at a reasonable price? Below we reveal a couple of simple secrets that are constantly forgotten.

The first thing to remember is the layout. The “five seconds” rule, during which a person evaluates their interest in your proposal, should be decisive when planning a design.

The second is a call to action. No complicated and ornate designs. A phone number, and address, a colorful slogan: and your advertising will firmly stick in a person’s head.

The third is the timely replacement of the real estate sign. A faded and low-quality sign clearly does not add confidence to your agency. Here you can order a durable and durable design that will last for several months.

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Efficiently, reliably, efficiently — where to order a real estate sign at a discount

It is not even worth mentioning that it is best to order any outdoor advertising from local manufacturers. This significantly reduces the cost of transportation. Moreover, you are more likely to be given a discount. Why? Because they know that you will come back later for a new layout.

Moreover, having found “your” manufacturer, you will already understand what kind of layout you will receive at the output next time and what the cost of the order will be. The price of a real estate sign depends on many factors:

  • sign size;
  • material;
  • the number of surfaces on which the ad is applied;

* additional protection (lamination);

  • the number of signs in one order.

 How to make the sign design for the signs real estate readable and bright

One of the most important factors of successful advertising is a memorable design. All people are aesthetes by nature, and an attractive picture (even if there are no images on it) will be much more profitable from the point of view of marketing than simple rows of text.

When ordering a real estate sign from us, you get not only the production of a high-quality layout in the shortest possible time, but also a free design. Entrust us with the work on your outdoor advertising and get the result instantly after installing the sign. 

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