How To Always Look Polished – 5 Easy Steps For Women

By Albert Howard

Looking put together may seem an exhausting task to achieve every single day. If we are running late for work or school, we just put on a basic T-shirt and jeans and head out. Of course, you regret your decision when you arrive at work or your class and realize you should have woken up earlier so you can get ready properly. Another issue is having a style which is not sustainable in the long run and you end up with a full wardrobe of clothes you don’t want to wear.

Our daily obligations require a polished and professional look so let’s look at the basic but essential tips to always be on top of your game when it comes to outfits. 

Stop Following Trends

Fast fashion brands are flooding social media and magazines, so we are convinced to buy new items often. Certain fashion houses offer a brand new collection every two weeks or even less. This is not called a trend but a representation of pure consumerism. Also, do you really believe you will be wearing a cropped blazer or baggy jeans next year? Most probably not. Of course, it is only right to mention that some trends stayed for longer and are now classic pieces. But be careful with variations to a classic item. A blazer is a staple piece but a cropped one is not wearable everywhere.

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Turn To Natural Materials

The cost of wearing synthetic materials is evident. We are struggling with trying to recycle or reuse as much clothes as possible. Another way is to start wearing natural materials such as cotton, slik, wool and linen. There are also blends of these four materials depending on the clothing item you are looking for. Each material gives its own texture and character to your shirt, trousers or coat. Natural fibers will save you money in the long run and also make you look classy and elegant. A linen shirt paired with a cotton skirt. The very image gives out a well-thought out but effortless look. A wool coat will last you a long time and provide warmth on the coldest days.

Accessorize Wisely

This advice goes along with avoiding trends. We all remember the chunky necklaces from the 2010s. It was a big hit back then but you probably won’t wear it for your night out now. It most likely won’t be wearable for a long time. This is why your accessories should be neutral and simple. Invest in stud earrings that are versatile or buy a luxury watch from a reputable store. Classic elements will always be in style no matter what you are wearing and what time of the day it is. Think about the jewelry you inherited from your mom or grandmother. It is something you can wear today, without feeling like it is outdated. 

Create A Wardrobe Capsule

When talking about being quick while getting ready but still look chic, plan a wardrobe capsule. It is a collection of clothing which is interchangeable. It is usually of several colors and patterns which are easily combined and together create numerous outfits. This way you will reduce your shopping and reasonably invest in high-quality pieces which are suitable for any occasion. You will have essential and classic pieces that you can mix and match. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Even most famous shoe brands are known for being impossible to walk in but women still wear them. You shouldn’t sacrifice your health for shoes. Uncomfortable high heels put pressure on your feet therefore creating bad posture. It looks bad and it feels even worse. If you love wearing heels, don’t go for the highest ones. Try those where the arch is positioned naturally. You can still wear high heels but won’t be in pain the whole day.

To Conclude

You can always express yourself through fashion even though you may think these tips will give away from your personality. Each item in your wardrobe is styled in a way you want it. You put your personal stamp on anything you wear. Lastly, to look put together, you should wear your clothes with confidence. Comfort and confidence are the winning formula to a polished look.

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